Saturday, April 4, 2020

Day 4...A-Z Challenge

Day 4...A-Z Challenge

One Day At A Time Clipart

D...Day by Day

Day by day survival mode is different for so many people.  I have my own method of trying (key word trying) to survive this journey I am on when life threw me a couple of curveballs.

First, I make myself get up, not that I sleep much or even sleep in a bed.  I sleep in a recliner.  Mornings, I struggle to wake up; I feel like I am smothering and this all has been a nightmare and I am still dreaming, but I realize this is REALITY.  Throwing open the blinds for daylight and sunshine, which has been hard to find in my neck of the woods with all the rain we are having, I begin my day.  After getting dressed, I begin with my devotions and writing down a few things I am grateful for...trying to stay positive.  Keeping busy throughout the day...walking, reading, cleaning, exercise class (before the virus hit) , seeing friends (again before virus), and working (again before the virus hit) helps. 

Nights are the hard.  I am not a television fanatic, only a few shows I watched. Not being a crafty person...knitting, sewing,etc. the nights are long.  I sing a couple of verses from the song, "Your Love Never Fails,"  'there may be pain in the night, but joy comes in the mornings'  AND the noises one hears at night...I never knew there was so much noise every squeak and crack...SHEW!  Grateful for the time change!! Now wishing for sunny days!

Taking each day as it comes has helped me.

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