Monday, April 13, 2020

Day 11 A- Z Challenge...Knife to the Heart

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A- Z Challenge   Day 11

Knife To The Heart - Wattpad

Knife In The Heart

I have been in situations where I did not know what to say.  Instead of keeping quiet and offering a smile or a hug, I stuck my foot in my mouth.  

Remarks are made in situations, I know not intentionally, but these remarks drive the knife deeper.  It is difficult to console and know what to say to help the situation.

Being in this situation, here are some things I did not want to hear:

Don't Say...

1.  You understand how I feel or what I am going through UNLESS you have experienced what I am going through.

2.  Don't ask how I am doing...Some days I don't even know how I am doing.

3.  Don't steer the conversation...if I want to talk about my loved one let me...Go ahead and mention their names.

These are just some sayings that I have heard that drives the knife deeper...Just smile and keep me in your prayers.

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