Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Crazy Weather, to say the least.
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Just a few weeks ago, the temps were in the high 70s and low 80s.  I was kinda getting use to the early spring/summer temps.
February was nice and warm.

This week we have had some snow.

Not a lot of snow, but enough snow to cancel school.
This little cutie was able to come and hang out for a few hours.
Don't you love snap chat!  Ha!
Today is suppose to be the last day of the cold temps before warmer weather returns.

Hub was busy fixing a leak yesterday....
Glad he felt like it!!  Thank you hub!

We are headed to Duke next week, and hub will begin a new round of chemo.  Praying for travel mercy, and hub to tolerate this new round of chemo.

I don't feel like getting into the spring cleaning mode just yet.  I have a zillion chores to get done but just don't feel like it. Does anyone else feel this way??I have been reading the book, Imagine. Excited to see the movie.  I like to read the book first before seeing the movie.

A rambling blog.....I know.....

Have a great rest of the day. 

Enjoy Life
Can't get enough of this sweet face!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Last week was busy traveling. Not you everyday traveling fun....mainly to doctor appointments.

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Monday oldest daughter had her cardiologist check up at University of Virginia in Charlottesville.  She had open heart surgery in October and this was her 'big' check-up.  She was previously scheduled in January but weather caused cancellations.  We ( made hub/dad stay home) left at 6 that morning to travel up the road.  For 29 years we have been traveling to UVA and left crying.....NOT THIS TIME!!!  Dr. Battle, her cardiologist, was well pleased.....she has two restrictions...First- she can never have children, which we already knew because daughter had chosen a mechanical valve and Second-she can never go skydiving!  Well, we both cried...but this time it was tears of joy.  Her next appointment is next year!!!  We were both crying when I tried to  let hub know the good news. Afterwards, when I finally told hub through all the sobs, we decided to go shopping!!!
Going from this....
To now this....

There are no words to describe this feeling!!!!

Tuesday, hub and I traveled to Duke for his oncologist appointment.  We left at 4am that morning because hub doesn't like to spend the night, but I think driving keeps his mind occupied and no down time to think. Hub told his oncologist we were going to Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Atlanta for a second opinion.  His oncologist was okay with that, but hub just wanted him to know.  Duke's plan is to get hub in a study....he will be given 2 chemo drugs that are FDA approved and add a 3rd chemo which is also FDA approved but to see how this 3rd chemo will interact with the first 2 chemo drugs...that is the study.  Hub only did blood work and saw the oncologist at Duke so he was able to drive home; usually I drive home from Duke.

Wednesday we flew to Atlanta.  Now hub does not fly.  He has only flown once and that was a have to case!!!  I told hub with all the traveling on Monday and Tuesday I just felt safer to fly.  I wanted the flying experience to be good for hub.....he was anxious as it was.First stop check-in/security -the attendant said I was the lucky one...I thought to myself.. Great I will be searched and hub will not. Wrong... I was chosen to not be searched and hub was.  This was okay and not to embarrassing for hub because the airport was small.  We boarded the plane and I sat near the window; hub glanced out from time to time.
He was happy to be landing!!  Hub had never been to the airport in Atlanta and he was in awe of the hugeness!!  
We met the people from Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) and they took us to the hotel. The hotel was within walking distance of many restaurants and shopping centers.  Even though CTCA said for us to call and they would take us anywhere we wanted to go, hub and I chose to walk.  It felt good walking and talking and the weather wasn't bad.
The CTCA staff were very nice and caring.  The CTCA oncologist said he would do the same treatment as Duke and as a matter of fact, Duke might be better since Duke was a research hospital and CTCA was only for treatment.  This eased our mind.  I told hub not many places would say that.  With that being said, our flight was scheduled for 7:20 that Friday evening and it was only 12:00.  We decided to head to the airport early to see if there was an earlier flight back to the Tri-Cities and we could even beat the Friday travel.  We arrived at the airport around 1:00 and the chaos began.  Many Delta flights were cancelled due to earlier flight for us.  We proceeded through security and I told hub to go in front of me, but he said for me to go first so he would know what to do.  As hub went through the alarm sounded.....hub was chosen to do the complete search-the pat down and all!!  Now, this was a little unnerving for him....I could tell by the look on his face. But he made it. I was ready to eat, but hub needed a few minutes to unwind. We did eat and do a little shopping in the airport.  Hub enjoyed watching the planes take off and land.  Finally, after five hours, we were able to board our flight for home!
One more thing happened....we had different seats not close to each other.  I knew hub was nervous and I asked to change seats but no one would....but I kept my eyes peeled in front on hub to make sure he was okay....which he was!  I know hub was glad when he stepped off the plane.

On the way home from the airport, he talked about flying and said he didn't mind flying it was just something he didn't want to do everyday.  Me either! but I was glad we did.

It was a busy traveling week for sure!

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