Sunday, April 12, 2015

Weekend Rewind.....

Weekend Rewind....

It has been a busy couple of weeks/weekends around my neck of the woods.

Last weekend the family celebrated Easter together-which is rare now that the girls are adults.  I know as adults, we have our own agenda-but I still want my daughters home.
The weather was also nice.

The date is getting closer for these two!  Still so much to do and it is sneaky upon us.  They are in the process of renting a house and getting some other necessities in order....daughter's main concern is 'what is she to do with all her stuff'?  I plan on taking the day on Friday for her last bridal fitting!

Hub and I are trying to smile through this whole process!!

Yesterday was the first day of Little League Opening Day.  Grandson is playing again this year.

Back in the day hub use to play, and he also did some coaching.  Some things never change.

I think grandson is going to take after him....

Another gorgeous day for us at the ballpark.

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