Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Wednesday Hodgepodge


From this Side of the Pond

1. In two or three sentences describe yourself to someone who has never met you. 

You can hear Tammy coming because she walks or shall I say stomps; she is a loud walker and also a loud talker (but we won't mention that).  Tammy is also a person of very few words; she is blunt and to the point.  She enjoys having fun and hanging out with friends.

2. Will you celebrate Halloween this year, and if so tell us how? Let's play this or that-chocolate candy or fruity candy? pumpkin seeds or pumpkin pie? Halloween party or scary movie? hay ride or corn maze? carve a pumpkin or paint a pumpkin?

Yes, I will go to my son-in-law's house and help hand out candy.  There is usually a big crowd of children who come by.

Chocolate candy, pumpkin seeds, Halloween party, hay ride, and carve a pumpkin.

3. What's something that scared you when you were young? Are you still afraid? 

We lived very close to my father's parents.  I remember walking to their house after dark and screaming the ENTIRE way.  I think I was afraid of someone coming out of the bushes or just the dark; like I said we lived very close to each other. There might had been one house between us.

4. Your favorite soothing drink? 

A small glass of wine and then a glass of lemon water.

5. Are you thinking about Christmas yet? Does this make you feel happy or stressed? 

No!!  Christmas is such a sad time for me after losing my precious daughter.  Not only, is Christmas approaching but her birthday is right after Christmas and then she passed away in the early wee mornings January 1str. I am dreading the holidays, but I know I need to be there for other daughter and my precious grandsons.  I have found out that I can be happy and sad at the same time.

6. Insert your own random thought here.  

October is such a pretty month.  Our trees in my little neck of the woods have really been beautiful.  But raking all the leaves is still a chore!

Have a great rest of the week and Enjoy Life!  Have a happy and safe Halloween.

Not my picture...but this is how beautiful my scenery is.

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Wednesday Hodgepodge

From this Side of the Pond

1. What's something you wish you'd figured out sooner? 

That no matter how hard you try, somethings are better to let go.  AND to not feel bad about cutting people out of your life when they handed you the scissors.

2. Something from childhood you still enjoy today? 

Walking through leaves and with our colder temperatures I love going outside and smelling wood burning.

3. Are you a fidgeter? What's the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word fidget? 

Yes, especially when under stress or facing a stressful situation. When I hear the word fidget, the first thing I think of is I wish the popper was invented earlier!

4. Your favorite fall vegetable? How do you like it prepared? 

Turnips with cornbread.  I just put turnips on the stove with seasoning till they become soft. BTW I set out some turnips and now I need to ask someone how do you know when they are ready.

5. What's something you find mildly annoying, but not annoying enough to actually do anything about? Might you now? 

People wearing too much perfume that the perfume gives me a headache and just keeps lingering in the air. AND people who do not return their shopping carts correctly. I probably won't do anything about the perfume but I usually return the unreturned shopping cart with mine.

6. Insert your own random thought here.  

Grandsons decorated some pumpkins.

 AND....I am at a loss for words.  High School Homecoming was this past weekend and the shortness of the dresses....OH MY!  This is my cousin with his date.

Enjoy Life Ya'll!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Wednesday Hodgepodge


From this Side of the Pond

1. Thursday (Oct 13) is National Train Your Brain Day. What do you do to keep your brain in tip top shape? Is it helping?

I try to read a lot and do puzzles.  I can't tell if it is helping or not; I still am so forgetful.  I want to get back to exercising, but am so tired in the evenings.

2. You can sit with anyone in the world and 'pick their brain'...whom do you choose? Tell us why? 

Well, I would sit and pick Mother Teresa's brain. (You didn't specify the person had to be living!). I would ask her about all her missionary work, what was it truly like living among the poor, how did she feel about winning the Nobel Peace Prize, going through war zones to help the needy.  She is a person I have always admired and looked up to. 

3. What's something happening in the world (or your corner of it) right now that you have trouble 'wrapping your brain around'? 

How on earth have we let our country come to this?  

4. On a scale of 1-10 where do you fall in the pumpkin fanclub? (1=blech, 10=make it all pumpkin all the time) Tell us something delicious you've tasted recently that had some pumpkin in it somewhere. 

Probably a 3.  I am not a huge fan of pumpkin maybe a piece of pumpkin bread.

5. Share a favorite song, book, or movie with an autumn title, setting, or vibe. 

"November Rain" by Guns & Roses was the first song that came to my mind.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Shew!!! A grueling few weeks.  We all have had COVID and daughter was here with me for 7 days with her boys.  I enjoyed their stay, but the little ones just wasn't up to par. Then last Friday, one of the twins, Liam ended up at Niswonger's Hospital in Johnson City and gave us a scare!  He had cellulitis in his eye and the infections was spreading rapidly.  Thankful the infection did not spread to his brain. I was going back and forth from keeping the other two boys and their dogs to heading to Johnson City...but grandchildren are worth it.  He was released from the hospital late Saturday night.  The other two boys were upset because Liam came home with a bag of toys and they wanted to go to the hospital!  I went Sunday after church and picked up some goodies for all three boys and dinner for their family.  I knew daughter was exhausted and she needed to get some rest. Liam is progressing well!

Have a great rest of the week and Enjoy Life

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Keeping you posted


Keeping You Posted

 For two years we avoided it...two long, hard years.

September is a busy month for me.  Our community has had an Apple Festival for 68 years!  The only two year which we didn't celebrate the Apple Festival was in 2021!!  Our community was known for many apple orchards in the past. Hence, that is how the Apple Festival began.  The festival consists of many vendors (craft and food), a parade, a band competition, inside exhibits which consists of  awards given to Pre-K through 8th grade, 9-12th grade for their art, an adult art division, a baked good exhibits, a sewing exhibit, a canned food exhibit, an agrilcultural exhibit, a craft exhibit for Pre-K -12 th grade and for adults, a photography exhibit for 9-12th grade and for adults and a flower show exhibit.  I was chairperson of all the inside exhibits.  My work began in July preparing for this...counting ribbons to make sure there was enough for each award given to each category, getting judges, getting volunteers to walk around with the judges to place the ribbons on the exhibits, volunteers to help register the exhibits, and volunteers to sit and watch to make sure no one stole or damaged the exhibits. Isn't it a shame we live in a world where people want to steal or damage someone's hard work???  The festival is a three day event!

This year the festival was September 23rd -25th.  I began setting up the exhibits on Thursday in the library. Many of the committee members helped and we worked till past 7 that evening.  We were all so excited that the weather was going to be absolutely amazing....temps in the mid 70s.  You see, it is usually EXTREMELY hot or is is RAINING!  This year was going to be picture, weather perfect.

Friday morning, I was getting ready to go and meet the judges (I had a18 judges to judge the inside exhibits for each category and 2 people to walk around with each judge). My daughter calls me at 7:30 that morning telling me her hub is sick and she was coming and bringing grandsons to my house.  I usually keep the grandsons on Thursday and Friday, but daughter and hub knew well in advance this week I was unable to.  I left to meet all 54 people around 8:30.  The judging lasted a long time and I had given each judge and helper a gift for doing this for me.  I couldn't expect them to do this for nothing.  I was so pleased with the inside exhibits and how things were going smoothly.  

I pulled in the driveway and daughter and grandsons were outside playing.  I could tell daughter was upset so I knew her hub had been tested for COVID and was positive.  Daughter and her boys decided to stay with me to avoid getting sick.  That Friday night, her oldest boy started not feeling well, Saturday morning one of the twins was sick, and Saturday afternoon, the other twins was sick.  So the parade was watched through my house windows.  By Sunday, we all were feeling rough.  I had to scrounge around and find someone to distribute the ribbons to the winners and a bunch of other stuff that needed to be done to close out the inside exhibits.  Shew!!  it was stressful.  But you know what, it all worked out thanks to many people who came to my aid.

This was the first Apple Festival I had missed in 41 years.  I was a little 'sad' but things happen we can't control.  

But seeing the boys with their winning pumpkins and peppers made me smile.

Wednesday Hodgepodge

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