Wednesday, December 22, 2010

From This Side of the Pond: Wednesday Hodgepodge Vol 7-Making spirits bright

From This Side of the Pond: Wednesday Hodgepodge Vol 7-Making spirits bright: "Tammy"

1. My Christmas Eve Tradition---We all go to church and then to my aunt's house for a little get together. My aunt was my father's sister, so this is a special time for me.

2. The best book I read was also The Help---however a close second is After River by Donna Milner.

3. I don't own any pets--:(

4. In January of 2010, my husband was diagnosed with colon cancer. He was 53 years old and had just recently lost his father in Ocotber of 2009. He had promised his an dad he would have a colonoscopy--so he kept his promise. Now my husband doesn't smoke, eats healthy and exercises regularly. I received the call from his cousin saying the doctor had found a tumor and it was cancer. I have two daughters in college-the youngest on her way to Georgia to play college basketbal and the oldest daughter was home. After weeks we returned to the doctor to remove staples and BLOW---he was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer and chemotherapy treatments were needed. Needless to say I kept calm-how??? by the grace of God. I had to break the news to my daughters and to my husband's son (who was 32). My husband had absolutely no signs or symptoms!!!!

5. I have never been to court before and in 2010, I had to go. My husband's son (32 yrs. old-Todd) had a son (Nathan) and wasn't married. Nathan's mom no longer could care for him, so now Todd was given custody of Nathan who just turned two. I didn't have to testify, but being in court was a new experience for me.

6. Brussels sprounts I love!!! Was I a weird teenager?????

7. I think women are very powerful. We learn to jugle so many things at once.

8. Random Thoughts---Please I beg you to please go for a colonoscopy!!!! My husband is finished with chemotherapy treatments. His last CT-Scan was normal and on December 10, 2010, he had another colonoscopy which showed no cancer!!!! The colonoscopy saved his life!!!! Everyone have a Merry Christmas!!!! I have been truly blessed!!! I am knew to this-so I wanted to join----bear with me.

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