Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wedensday Hodgepodge

1. The Hodgepodge falls on the last day of February this year, a leap year. How will you spend that extra day?
Right now I am feeling a little overwhelmed and tired.  Wednesday I will be spending the day teaching 8th graders, trying to catch-up on Monday's work, and frantically make out lesson plans for Thursday and Friday (just in case.)  Now our lesson plans are turned in on Friday and plans on computer by Monday morning.  BUT I will not be in school Thursday and hopefully Friday as well.  #2 daughter's college basketball team qualified for the tournament -Yep had to take personal leave on Monday-to watch the game which started at noon and they qualified for the tournament.  Thursday's game begins at 2 in Frankfurt, Kentucky and if they win, they will play again on Saturday.  Or course, the team is scheduled to play the #1 team in the conference.  I am excited and thrilled and my mind is going in all directions-no only do I have to make out lesson plans-we write down every little detail for the substitute, but I have bus duty, after school duty (tutor sessions), and our county's benchmark testing-scores are used as predictors for the state assessments--so not a good week to miss, but FAMILY comes first!
2. What has recently required a leap of faith on your part? 

My husband was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2010.  Every time he has a doctor's appointment, I have a leap of faith.  When he has a pain (no matter how small) or an usual knot appears-(when you have been diagnosed with the 'C' word all is trying), I have a giant leap of faith.  Just the other day a friend he knew (also diagnosed with colon cancer) passed away-I kept telling him to have faith and not all circumstances are the same.  Sometimes-I get tired and I worry too much-I keep telling myself -God does not put anything on us we cannot handle.  I HATE the 'C' word!!

3. We're one week into the season of Lent...are you marking these 40 days in some way? Giving something up or adding something extra to normal life? How's it going so far?

I am giving up eating after 8p.m.  However, I ate Saturday night after 8.  We had been to a basketball game, and I had not had lunch and only snacked for dinner.  At around 11 that night I ate two bit of honey -the small size.  I had completely forgotten.  Hub called me Eve because of this.  He was also hungry, but he would not eat.  He even called daughters and told what I had done-so like him.  This is the first time I can remember giving something up for Lent and I must admit it is very hard to do.  Since the incident on Saturday, I am more aware of the time-frame--and not eating after 8p.m.

4. When was the last time you sat beside a fire?
Last fall.  We have a fire place out back and enjoy sitting around the fire.  It is such a relaxing atmosphere.

5. Surf and Turf is on the menu. Do you order as is or do you ask for just the surf (lobster), just the turf (steak), or a menu so you can select another option?
I stick to the menu-surf and turf for me.

6. If you could have any television program back, not in reruns but in new episodes, what program would you choose?
The Waltons.  I can remember my college roommates and I would stop whatever it was we were doing to watch The Waltons.  It came on every Thursday night.

7. They say an elephant never forgets. These days would you say your memory is more like an elephant or a gnat?
Elephant-Hub says he can't understand how I remember -the time and place to be exact.  It is funny though how I can remember something that happened many years ago and then forget what I went to the grocery store to get!

8. Insert your own random thought here.
With the mild temperatures, my flowers are beginning to bloom.  I just hope the cold weather doesn't return.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday Hodgepodge-Questions/Answers

1. February 22nd is National Be Humble Day...what makes you proud? What keeps you humble?
My daughters make me proud.  Admitting to my mistakes (I have made more than my share) keeps me humble and learning from the most humble person in history, Jesus Christ.

2. Where is the catch-all (aka dumping ground) in your house?
The kitchen counter/bar.  A definite catch-all!!!

3. Do you make it a point to visit State/National Parks when you travel or even in your own hometown? What's your favorite?
Don't really make a point to visit State/National Parks-but if one is close to where we are-we might go.  Hungry Mother State Park and Claytor Lake is close by 'right in our back door' and we go there often.

4. How would you define honor?
Honesty and fairness.

5. Angel's food or Devil's food-which cake do you prefer?
Not really a fan of either.  I would have to prefer Angel's food with some type of fruity topping.

6. What's the most recent road trip you've taken? Where did you go and how many hours did you spend in the car? Do you like to zoom to your destination without stopping or leisurely wind your way there with stops along the way? What is your car snack of choice?
With basketball ending so is my road trips.  The last road trip was February 11 to Kentucky a 5 1/2 hour drive-so a total of 11hrs. in the car.  I prefer taking my time, but since hub drives it is zoom, zoom, zoom without stopping.  Car snacks a must--apples, nuts, potato chips, and nabs are a must.

7. Recent headlines told how a preschool child in NC had their packed lunch from home taken away and a school lunch substituted by a school inspector who deemed the homemade lunch unhealthy. Reportedly the parent was then billed for the school lunch (chicken nugget meal) although an update to the story says the parent was not billed. The inspector was conducting a routine inspection of the classroom-he/she was not there solely to peek in the lunchboxes. The packed lunch contained a turkey and cheese sandwich, an apple juice box, a bag of chips, and a banana. You can read the story here. Your thoughts?
I could rant for hours about this.  First of all, many cafeteria workers (ones I have come in contact with) are not very nice.  I have seen trays thrown away because a student has gotten an extra french fry or chicken nugget and then the student wasn't able to pay for the extra item.  Yep-a student may only have a certain number of each item-and if you go over--you pay extra!!!  I have paid for extra items for some students when I am aware of this!!!  I do believe if this was my preschool child-the Board of Education would hear loud and clear from me. Imagine how hurtful this was to this child!

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Finally a much needed snow day.  The snow came on Sunday--beautiful snowfall, but left as quickly as it came. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Saturday was Senior (athelete)  Day at UVA-Wise.  This was the last time the girls and boys will play basketball on their home court.

There are five girls who are seniors on the team and three of the five signed when #2 daughter signed-so the three girls have become very close.  Tears were shed-what do you expect from girls, right?  Memories were shared and stories (ones I didn't remember) were told.

The game began.

The girls played hard and won!!!  Yeah for them.
Next, time for the parents to go and walk on the court with their daughter.  The girls were crying...again...I looked at hub and his eyes were teary, but not mine.  Aren't you sad...yeah...I mean, I cry when I watch "Rudolph' , but I was okay.
Her name was called and statistics read about her and.....'here we go...

Later that evening, a parent asked how did I keep from crying.  I told her what I kept saying to myself over and over.....This is NOT her LAST GAME!!!  The grils will play next Saturday in Kentucky and then the tournamet begins , and we all know what happens in a college basketball tournament.  Yes, I know the girls were sad, but hey I knew I could watch daughter play again....  #2 daughter has played basketball for 14 years and when the FINAL whistle blows then I know the tears will come.  But for today....this is their day and their 'shining moment.'

One of my favorite sport  songs....

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. George Washington-Abraham Lincoln-Thomas Jefferson...who would you most like to meet and why?

Abraham Lincoln---to hear his speech-Gettysburg Address

2. What's your favorite chain restaurant?
Olive Garden--tend to eat most of the salad and fill up on the bread/wine before eating the main course.

3. I spied this question on the Bears at Home blog last week and she gave me permission to

borrow it-

When you look back on your life, do you imagine you'll think about the goals you failed to meet with regret? Or will you look at what you accomplished and say: it was good?

I quit saying should've, would've, could've a long time ago with regard to goals I wanted to attain--I was a pre-med major before I might hub and then my plans changed. My goal was to become a brain surgeon.
Most definitely look back on the goals I have accomplished.

4. Grapefruit-take 'em or leave 'em? Given the choice between an orange and a grapefruit which would you choose? Would you prefer it served as is or squeezed into juice?

Orange-served as is-especially when I am battling a cold and scratchy throat-like now.
In the summertime, I enjoy grapefruit-as is-a cool refreshing snack-skip the sugar-please.
5. When was the last time you cleaned out a closet? Is there a closet in your home that currently needs cleaning? What are you waiting for?

Last week! Yeah for me.  A church close by has what you call 'Wee Cycle'-children's clothes from newborn to size 14.  All one needs to do is take (clean-spotless-neatly pressed) clothes on hangers.  The church sells them for you.  It is a nice way to get rid of children's clothes.

6. You get to have lunch with three famous people...who would you like to see round your table?
1.  Jesus Christ and his Disciples
2.  Michele Obama

3.  Simon Cowell-if you consider him famous

7. On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your ability to parallel park?

The easiest question so far....a big, fat 0-not even close to a 1.  If I have to parallel park, I won't.  I drive around (no matter how long it takes) to find a spot I don't have to parallel park in,.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
Wishing I could get rid of this nasty cold and scratch throat.  Ugh!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Very quiet in the blogosphere....

Hubs says you complain when you have too much on your plate and when it is too quiet for you.  
I know..,,ahem...

I have been pretty busy -but now that I have a few days of an 'empty calendar' I just don't know what to do with myself.  Does anyone else feel the same way?  

I took grandson to church Sunday night.  The children are learning to play the bells.

Believe it or not--they sound pretty good.

Happy Valentine's Day to all!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. What is something you are loving right now?
I have to admit, the 'winter weather pattern.'  Yes, I love the hear-Smyth County Schools closed, which I haven't heard but twice-but I am loving the thought of actually having and experiencing a spring break.  Plans on in the making--road trip for hub and I, relaxing, reading, and maybe a little 'spring cleaning.' 

2. Paris, Venice, New York, and Rome are considered four of the most romantic cities in the world. Which one would you most like to visit?
Venice-- travel in an iconic gundula, taste the Venetian cuisine with a glass (okay-maybe two glasses) of Venetian Vino.  Since hubs hates to travel-won't even ride on an airplane--I can still dream.

3. Are you a romantic?
I don't think of myself as a romantic but neither is hubs.  I guess this is why we are perfect together!!!

4. What's your favorite love story made for the Big Screen?

Love Story--staring Ryan O'Neal and Ali MacGraw---this is the first one that came to my mind.  I remember seeing this with my mom and using an entire box of Kleenex.  My ole time favorite.
and then there is......
Pretty Woman--staring Julie Roberts and Richard Gere-who is super handsome I might add, is still a favorite-the perfect way 'love life' should end.

5. Everyone loves Pooh bear and friends...which character are you most like and why? Click here for help in answering this question.

6. What's the best chocolate something you've ever eaten?
Let's see-how about:
M & M's

Chocolate covered strawberries

Chocolate Candy--Hershey Kisses and Hershey

7. Share a favorite quote about love.
"Life without love is like a tree without blossom and fruit."  Kahlil Gibran
"What force is more potent than love?"  Igor Stravinsky

8. Insert your own random thought here.
Happy Valentine's Day to all!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

No matter how old a child gets......

No matter how old a child gets, he/she still wants parents around. 

First let me explain.....

Thursday was a long day for me.  First I had bus duty all week-morning duty (7:30).  Then we had parent-teacher conferences that night.  Emily had a basketball game in Ohio and she knew we would not be able to come.  She was fine with this-at this age and towards the end of the season-most are.  During parent-teacher conferences, I was made aware of some horrible news.  The chancellor at UVA-Wise had died suddenly.
I couldn't believe it.  I quickly checked my phone and I had a message from Emily.  She really liked the chancellor and had been at his house many times.  She even has a picture of her sitting in his chair with her feet on his desk.  At first I was appalled-asking her if she remembered her manners, but she told me Chancellor Pryor had taken the picture.  I knew Emily was crying where I heard her voice and I knew she needed me and I knew I couldn't get to her being 7 hours away and....and.....I called her.  No answer but I left a voice message-giving her my love and support and I would see her Saturday.  Was glad to hear her voice later that night; she was still sad. The bus ride back to college was a long, long ride for the basketball team.

Saturday couldn't get here soon enough.  Hub and I drove to Kentucky to check on daughter--emotionally-- and watch her play.

  As soon as we stepped into the gym, the trainer came and said Emily was one sick girl.  The trainer said she thought it was the stomach virus--yuck was my reply. Em had been given some medicine and seemed to be feeling a little better.  When the team came on the court, I could tell Em didn't feel great.
The coach allowed her to come home with us.  She slept all the way home and when we finally got home she just laid down on the couch and slept.

She was one sick 'puppy.'
Thankfully she is feeling much better today!  Thankfully this 'bug' lasted only 24 hrs.  which is long enough.

No matter how old our children get-they still want their parents when they are
She is headed back to school.  Please keep these students in your prayers.  Tomorrow is the service for Chancellor Pryor and I know my daughter is hurting for his family.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ground Hog's Day......Prediction

Today  is Ground Hog's Day...... 

Usually I am thinking --okay enough cold and snow.  However, this year I am wondering where the cold and snow is!  We are certainly experiencing 'spring-like' weather in my 'neck of the woods.'  As a matter of fact, we haven't had a full week of cool weather.  One day it may be in the 40's and the rest of the week 60's.  

 According to folklore, if the ground hog sees its shadow as it emerges from its burrow one can expect six more weeks of winter weather.  If the ground hog does not see its shadow, winter-like weather will end.  The weather forecast is predicting rain-thunderstorms actually with temps in the 50's.  So will winter-weather end soon-my thought......winter hasn't begun here. I am predicting an early spring with a weather forecast like this.

I have taught for 30 years-giving away my age-, and never have I had a spring break.  Spring break is taken away due to snow make up days.  This year, spring break will be 10 days! Yippee!!!  I must admit I am excited and making plans.....

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. It's that most wonderful time of the season! Do you complete your own returns or farm that job out to the professionals?

Farm out to professionals!!

2. This next question comes from Kansas Bob...he posed it in his response to something I asked in an earlier Wednesday post and I asked him if I could add it to the Hodgepodge some day. Today's the day....

Which do you think has changed you more-love or pain?

Pain--- I don't see the world through 'rose colored glasses' anymore.  Pain has also made me appreciate life more.

3. Tangerine Tango has been named color of the year for 2012. Your thoughts? Would I find this color anywhere in your house? How about in your closet? If not, will you be adding this color to your life in some way in 2012? If you're not sure what tangerine tango looks like click here.

I like the color-yes definitely find it in my closet!  As for the house, probably in the future.

4. Are you a collector? What do you collect and does it get admired, used, and/or dusted regularly?
Not much of a collector now a days.  About 15 years ago, I was a doll collector--antique ones-porcelain.

5. February is National Heart Month...besides a green salad what is one tasty heart healthy dish you like to prepare?

Oatmeal---great heart healthy dish and one can also have a chewy oatmeal raisin cookie!!

6. When was the last time you had car trouble?

Two weeks ago in my daughter's car.  I had driven her car to Wal-Mart and the trip ended up costing me $500.00!!  The trouble was the key---imagine that-every time I tried to start the car it was like I was stealing the vehicle!!  Today's technology!!!!

7. Have you been more demanding on yourself lately or less? Is that a good trend?

I feel I am always more demanding on myself.  A good trend-probably not-but too difficult for me to change now.

8  Insert your own random thought here.

Sure enjoying the spring like temperatures.  Yesterday, I had 'spring fever'---being a teacher-this is hard to imagine when it is February and no snow predicted and warm temperatures.

Wednesday Hodgepodge

  1. What impresses you? I am impressed by personality traits:  kindness, honesty, empathy, etc. 2.  Where are you in your family birth orde...