Sunday, February 5, 2012

No matter how old a child gets......

No matter how old a child gets, he/she still wants parents around. 

First let me explain.....

Thursday was a long day for me.  First I had bus duty all week-morning duty (7:30).  Then we had parent-teacher conferences that night.  Emily had a basketball game in Ohio and she knew we would not be able to come.  She was fine with this-at this age and towards the end of the season-most are.  During parent-teacher conferences, I was made aware of some horrible news.  The chancellor at UVA-Wise had died suddenly.
I couldn't believe it.  I quickly checked my phone and I had a message from Emily.  She really liked the chancellor and had been at his house many times.  She even has a picture of her sitting in his chair with her feet on his desk.  At first I was appalled-asking her if she remembered her manners, but she told me Chancellor Pryor had taken the picture.  I knew Emily was crying where I heard her voice and I knew she needed me and I knew I couldn't get to her being 7 hours away and....and.....I called her.  No answer but I left a voice message-giving her my love and support and I would see her Saturday.  Was glad to hear her voice later that night; she was still sad. The bus ride back to college was a long, long ride for the basketball team.

Saturday couldn't get here soon enough.  Hub and I drove to Kentucky to check on daughter--emotionally-- and watch her play.

  As soon as we stepped into the gym, the trainer came and said Emily was one sick girl.  The trainer said she thought it was the stomach virus--yuck was my reply. Em had been given some medicine and seemed to be feeling a little better.  When the team came on the court, I could tell Em didn't feel great.
The coach allowed her to come home with us.  She slept all the way home and when we finally got home she just laid down on the couch and slept.

She was one sick 'puppy.'
Thankfully she is feeling much better today!  Thankfully this 'bug' lasted only 24 hrs.  which is long enough.

No matter how old our children get-they still want their parents when they are
She is headed back to school.  Please keep these students in your prayers.  Tomorrow is the service for Chancellor Pryor and I know my daughter is hurting for his family.

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