Saturday, August 24, 2019

Girls' Trip

A few months ago, some college friends came up to spend a few days with me.  We were talking about taking another girls' trip.  We had taken one in 2016 to Asheville and enjoyed the trip.  We talked and talked and decided to try Asheville again.  When my friends left, we began messaging each other and trying to make plans for our Asheville trip.
The Asheville trip turned into a Hawaiian Trip! Now that is a trip...
One of my friends had a timeshare on the island of Maui, and she invited us to go for a week. can one turn this down...a once in an opportunity to travel to Hawaii.  .
Plane tickets were arranged ( I had to fly an extra day ) and we were OFF!!

Our flight left Atlanta on a Sunday morning.  We arrived in Dallas just 20 minutes prior to our connecting flight to Hawaii.  Shew!!  we ran through the airport and barely caught the train (one friend actually grabbed on to the pole as the train was pulling out) but we made it!!

The flight was a little over 10 hours.  I thought this would be the hard part for me...flying for so long because I am not the type of person to just sit still.  But with the movies, the books, the food/drinks, and a few cat naps (even though an entire can of Coke was spilled over me..ahem)  I made it.

We managed to get our rental car and stopped to pick up a few snacks and drinks before heading to our resort.  We didn't really plan this out because our rental car was already packed with luggage and then we piled it fuller with food and drinks.(smh)  Thankfully, the resort had people who unloaded our stuff and took it to our room.

Reservations had been made for massages.  I had never had a massage before and was a little bit skeptical.  The girls had helped me choose beforehand the type of massage I wanted, Thank you Ladies. The Grand Wailea is one of the largest massages/spa places in Hawaii.  It had five specialty baths, Roman tub, cascading waterfalls, Swiss jet shower, and a Japanese furo.  I left feeling completely renewed!!

The outside was just as magnificent as the inside.

The Banyan Tree in Lahaina was something to see.  The canopy was so large.  I can hardly imagine how this tree was so small and now this...

We went to a luau one evening.  Great food and entertainment.

A few people told us we needed to travel to Haleakala.  After the luau, we headed to pack our bags and catch a few winks before leaving at 1:30am to catch the sunrise.  The temperature on Haleakala , which is a dormant 41 degrees so we needed to dress warmly and pack a change of clothes after the sunrise.  The gates open at 3am for visitors.  We parked our car, decided to catch a few more winks before the sun came up, so we set our phone alarms.  Our phone alarms didn't go off because one could see the pink in the sky so everyone started running toward the summit. It was cold and windy.  All stood in awe as we began to see the different colors of the sky.  BAM...a cloud came up and blocked the view.  The tour guide said it could be 5 minutes or 5 hours no one knew exactly when the cloud would leave.  Even though I didn't see the sun rise over the volcano, the sight I did see was spectacular.  An amazing sight....only God could have painted.

The silver sword plant, a very rare plant  grows on  Haleakala. Maui and the Big Island are the only two places this plant grows.

We stopped for breakfast at this cozy place.


We also traveled the road to Hana. 

The road consist of many stops to see:

Rainbow Trees
Black sand
And many interesting sights.

The sunsets in Hawaii are breathtaking.

Our trip had other adventures as well.  We saw banana trees
Olive trees
Sea Turtles
Chickens...roam freely

We was time to head to the airport and leave.
Before leaving we were told to return our leis back to the earth.  One could throw them in the ocean...but before doing so, one must cut the string and toss each flower or hang on a tree.  We all decided to hang ours on a tree.

A beautiful place to visit...and one blinks and it is time to head home.

Until Next Time....
Take Care and Enjoy Life

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Wednesday Medley


1.  Tell us about the first airplane ride you took and do you like to fly?
Image result for airplane
The first airplane ride was to Boston...not for pleasure but for my daughter's open heart surgery.  
I have flown a few times after Boston and I did enjoy flying.  As a matter of fact, I just got back from a trip Monday...Plane ride over 11 hours.
2.  Have you ever gone hang gliding and was it on the beach with boat power, or from a mountain with only the wind and your body?

Image result for hang gliding clipart
Have never been hang gliding and I don't want too!!
3.  Have you ever gone kite flying and with whom?
Image result for flying a kite
When younger I sure I have gone kite flying.  I have flown many kites with my daughters.

4.  Experimental aircraft is quite popular as a hobby where Terri lives.  Have you or anyone you know ever constructed a flying machine and did you ride in it?
I knew a man from my church that constructed his airplane...well helped with the construction. He offered to take my late husband  and I for a ride in his aircraft.  We took him up on the offer.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  My late husband didn't care for the ride at all...couldn't wait to get back on the ground.

5.  Another big hobby around Lakeland is Radio Controlled Airplanes.  Have you ever seen them flying or tried your hand at it?
I have seen the Radio Controlled Airplanes flying around some but I have never tried it.

6.  Please tell us something about your week.
Just returned from a fabulous trip with college friends.

We all enjoyed the week.

Bye for now....

Take Care and Enjoy Life

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