Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Wednesday Hodgepodge


From this Side of the Pond

1. What's your earliest memory?

The first thought was having birthday parties at my house.  Nothing was very elaborate (like today) , but playing games in the backyard and having cake while all sang is my earliest memory. 

2. What's something about you today that the old you would find surprising? 

I speak up for myself by saying , "No."  The old me, very rarely said this word when it came to being asked to do something.  

3. Do you like to fish? Are you a fish eater? Favorite fish (to eat)? Favorite way to prepare fish? 

I do not like to fish; it is too boring for me.  I am a fish eater, and I love most fish especially grouper and tilapia.  Hub use to grill tilapia and grouper on the grill.

4. What's your biggest first world problem? 

Not being able to speak to a person!!!  I despise talking to an answering machine when I need to talk to a representativeI am the person yelling into the phone..."I would like to speak to a representative!"

5. What one word would you use to describe your year thus far? 

I have to use two words:

Productive:  I was able to get some much needy stuff done around the house.

Chaos:  The remainder of the year will be like this.  I will explain more in my random thought.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

My daughter and her hub put their lake house up for sale August 1st.  They have bought another piece of property and have met with a contractor to start building.  Their house sold quickly and had to be completely moved out on August 20th!!!.

I went from living by myself (for 5 years) to five extra people and two dogs!!  Her oldest son just started kindergarten and is attending the same school he registered in (45 min away).  They have been looking for a place to rent, but most places are extremely high when you have pets.  They are all living with me!!  Blake, their oldest son, said, "Mamaw it will be for 180 days."  

180 days of love, adventure, and chaos!!

Have a great rest of the week and Enjoy Life!


  1. Sounds like fun having those extras folks around though.

  2. I agree...I hate not being able to talk to a person. I hope you enjoy every one of those 180 days, chaos and all!

  3. Ooh, that's a houseful. It will be a fun kind of crazy chaos so enjoy the ride. I yell for a representative too lol.

  4. It's a good skill to be able to say no. Good for you. I'm with you on wanting to speak to a human! Yikes you have a lot going on in your home. Hope you find some peaceful spots and moments!

  5. Oh I like your answer to #2 and that's a good skill! I'm also the person shouting to the computer voice that I want to talk to a real person. Sounds like the chaos you'll have for the next 180 days or so will be a delightful one. Hope you enjoy the adventure!

  6. 100% on that First World problem! I recently missed a telehealth visit because (it seems) no-one was bothering to consult the bot where I'd left 3 voice mails, asking someone to confirm. Grrrr! Customer service is so under-rated!

  7. Oh, #2 is a good one. I think my "old me" would be surprised too that I'm learning to stand up for myself and set boundaries. Yes to #4 too. Loved the rest of your answers. That will be an adjustment to having so many in your home, but I love the 180 days part. Too cute.


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