Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Wednesday Hodgepodge

 1. Tell us about your favorite moment or share one of the bright spots from the year we're leaving behind. 

My favorite moment happened on March 9th when youngest daughter gave birth to identical twin boys.  Then on March 13, Governor of Virginia closed schools! Sadly, I didn't nor yet have gotten to snuggle with them.

2. What do you wish you'd known at the start of 2020? Elaborate. 

Wishing I would have taken up some kind of hobby.  Wishing I would have known how long this season of Corona would have lasted, how to occupy myself more, and I wishing I would have bought more books...I kinda destroyed my Kindle.

3. Best book you read this year? If you did not read any books this year, what's the best thing you ate all year? We've all eaten, right? 

One of my favorite books I have read has been Lost Boy Found .  I also enjoyed Orphan Train, Sold on a Monday, Something in the Water.  I have read a lot to pass the time, and I am sure I am failing to mention a lot of good books.  

4. The Pantone Colors of the year for 2021 are ultimate gray and illuminating yellow (a bright shade)...are you a fan? Would we find either of these colors in your home or wardrobe? 

I kinda like both colors. There isn't any ultimate gray in my house but I do have the bright shade of yellow in my sunroom.
I have both colors in my wardrobe.  

5. If you were/are making a list of 21 things to do/accomplish in 2021 what is one thing that would be on it? 

First I want to redo a bathroom.  
Personally, I want  to repeat the Serenity Prayer daily....let go of things I cannot control.

6. Insert your own random thought here.

We got a 'white Christmas' along with cold weather.   

Stay safe....daughter was able to get the COVID vaccine on Tuesday!
I heard a saying the other day that at 12:01 on January 1st. one was to open the door and let the old year out and the new year in.  I am going to open all doors and all windows!

Wishing all a Blessed, Safe, and Happy New Year. Enjoy Life

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Wednesday Hodgepodge

 1. I feel like episode 400 cannot go without comment. That's a whole lot of Hodgepodging folks. 2000 questions if my math is right. So, what's something you feel like you do 400 times a week? 

Opening my refrigerator/cabinet door.  I swear, with this social distancing, I am eating constantly.  It is though my refrigerator and cabinet door is asking "What on earth could you possibly want now to munch on now?"  The struggle is REAL!

2. Tell us where you were and something about what your life looked like in the year 2000

At first, afraid....with changing from 1900s to 2000 didn't know if all the technology would be able to switch over. We were moving again (never more than 5 miles away from the previous house); hubs just loved moving. I must admit, this house (no longer live here anymore) was my favorite house. 
Raising two daughters, 13 yr. old and 11 yr.old, kept me busy.  My 11 yr. old was a sports fanatic so I know I was always at some gym watching basketball.  My 13 yr. old loved reading, so I imagine I was also going to many bookstores.

3. Do you like cinnamon? What's something you make and enjoy that calls for cinnamon? Of the cinnamon 'foods' listed which is your favorite-red hot cinnamon candies, cinnamon toast, cinnamon rolls, cinnamon toast crunch cereal, apple cinnamon oatmeal, churros, an Indian curry?
I like cinnamon.  Apple dumplings, my favorite I enjoy baking that uses cinnamon (I probably put more than the recipe calls for) 
Cinnamon rolls!

4. Does Christmas 2020 (or Hanukkah) look much like it has in years past, or is this year vastly different for you and your family? How so? How are you feeling about it all? 
A very different kind of Christmas this year.  No one is getting together and presents are being delivered before Christmas Eve. 
I will be by myself and a very sad Christmas for me. The weather report isn't too promising....very heavy rain, temps dropping to the single digits, and snow.   But Christmas is celebrating the birth of our Savior and that puts it all in perspective for me.  There is HOPE in this world; something I yearn for.

5. What's one thing you need or want to do before this year ends? 

Selecting a word for 2021!!  

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I know, Christmas looks a lot different for many of us this year.  Many of us aren't too happy about our circumstances.  But we can be joyful....there is a difference between happiness and joy.  Happiness comes and goes and is not always in my heart ; sometimes it is sad and this is normal because I am human.  But the joy in my heart  comes from Christ. In times of trials and disappointments when I am sad, I can still have joy.  Joy comes from Christ that NEVER leaves. 
Wishing all a Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. What's something about Christmas that most people like, but you don't? Elaborate. 

I didn't mind all the cooking and going from place to place.  When I speak of cooking, I mean the traditional Christmas dinner or breakfast.  Hub's family always had a huge Christmas breakfast starting at 6:30am.  When we were first married, I didn't like getting up so early and eating breakfast, and etc., etc. But with the years, I got use to eat and it became our tradition as well. Breakfast would consist of waffles, eggs, sausage, bacon, ham, oysters, biscuits, gravy, sausage casserole, baked egg casserole, and spinach quiche.
Also, I enjoyed the hustle and bustle of attending Christmas Parties.  It seems like we always had 2 or 3 to attend every week.

2. Tell us about one cherished tradition from your childhood and if you'll make it happen this year? 

One of my cherished tradition was going to choose our Christmas Tree.  We would go up in the mountain (hiking), find our tree, chop it down, sit a spell and rest, and haul it back to our house.  When growing up, we always had a fresh tree.  The smell was so scented.  I would always sniff and inhale the branches.
Nope!  I haven't had a real tree in about 10 years.
Attending church on Christmas Eve  is a fond memory and something I still do. Hopefully, I can attend this Christmas Eve.

3. In 1941 FDR declared December 15th Bill of Rights Day. Citizens were encouraged to fly the flag and gather for prayers and other ceremonies as appropriate. Did you know this? Will you fly a flag? Can you name all the rights and protections guaranteed in the first ten amendments of the US Constitution? Of the ten, which two do you value most? If you need a list you'll find one here.

I didn't know this (I should have remembered) and no flag flown here. 
If you would have asked this years ago, YES!  This is part of our 6th grade History and the students had to know these.
First Amendment--my right to religion and to express myself and (I am tore between two) ...Second Amendment-I have a right to bear arms and protect myself and Tenth Amendment...government only has those powers listed in the Constitution.

4. Do you know someone named Bill? Tell us something about him? Is there a famous 'Bill' you'd like to meet? 
Yes...Bill Wagner, a professional baseball pitcher.  He grew up in Marion, Virginia (10 minutes from me). I know he played for the Boston Red Sox and Houston Astros.  I still attend church with his father.
Famous Bill??

5. A step in the right direction, on the right track, bragging rights, be in the right place at the right time, get off on the right foot, right as rain, right side up, give your right arm for, have one's heart in the right place...choose a 'right' that applies to your life in some way in recent days and tell us how it's so.

On the right track.  It is a process, but I feel like I am on the right track.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Have a great rest of the week and Enjoy Life!
Stay safe and for those in my 'neck of the woods' be careful....sleet and ice on the way.

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Wednesday Hodepodge

Thank you Joyce for these questions!  

 1. What do you think it means to have the holiday spirit? 

Having good feelings, positive attitude, laughing more at the 'dumb things' you do (like dropping an entire container of flour on the counter) instead of getting so upset, smiling more, helping others more, having the holiday spirit is just a warm feeling inside of you.

2. What's one thing you've baked this month? Have you eaten the finished product? How much baking do you do around the holidays? What baked sweet something does your family insist is on the menu during this season of the year?  

NOTHING!  I was going to bake, though.  On Wednesday evenings, I teach grades K-3rd graders at church.  With our spike in the number of cases rising, my pastor has cancelled Wednesday evening church services---it is on line but not in person. So there went my baking....cancelled!
But my daughter has cooked Melting Snowman Pops with her oldest son.  She sent pics of this and of the twins eating them.  
Something my family has always insisted on is pickled eggs and country ham.  

3. Your most recent 'half-baked' idea?

Honestly, can't think of anything.  BUT, I am sure I have had a 'half-baked' idea before.

4. Where were you the last time you 'baked' in the sun? The top ten sunniest destinations in the world (most sun from January-December according to this site) are Dubai, Bali Indonesia, Los Angeles CA, Miami FL, Barbados, Dominican Republic, St. Lucia, Mauritius, Antiqua, and the Canary Islands Spain. Have you been to any of the cities listed? Which one on the list appeals to you the most? If the world were not upside down crazy and you could lie on a beach anywhere right now where would you go? 

Baked in the sun was probably this summer as I was doing some yard work!  In 2019 baked in the sun on the beach in Hawaii.
I haven't been to any of these destinations, but if I could travel to one it would be Canary Islands Spain.

5. Today I wish I had more _____________________.

 family coming to my house.  DANG, BLASTED VIRUS!!!   Time/patience about this vaccine---someone to really converse with me on it.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

My son-in-law  built the chair/stand for Blake.  He loves to cook and standing in a chair was getting a little dangerous.  This made me less nervous when seeing pictures!  The twins enjoyed the yummy snowman pop treats!

Have a great rest of the week &  Enjoy Life!

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Wednesday Hodgepodge

 1. Here we are entering the last month of the year 2020. 2020!! Every year The Oxford English Dictionary publishing team chooses a word that captures the general mood of the year we're leaving behind, or the one word that will leave a lasting impact on the world at large. This year they needed sixteen words in order to cover the whole enchilada. 

While two of the other major dictionaries selected pandemic as their word of the year, Oxford came up with a long list including-bushfire, impeachment, acquittal, coronavirus, COVID-19, lockdown, social distancing, reopening, Black Lives Matter, Cancel Culture, BIPOC, mail-in, belarusian, moonshot, net zero (read more about each word here)

Of the words listed which ONE would you say should be in the number 1 spot? Which word/phrase on this list would you be happy to never hear again? 

Number 1....COVID
I would be happy to not hear SOCIAL DISTANCING!  Not to be able to gather with people, sitting close at a restaurant, movie, or church has been tough. No hugging or cuddling grandbabies is tormenting; but I understand with me being back in school (just doesn't make it easier). Gosh....keeping social distancing away from my students is challenging; some students just need a hug.
Then, there are so many who are in nursing homes who have to visit outside the window.  How painful it is to the residents.
Then there are those who are hospitalized with no visitors from loved ones. 
AND just giving a hug to a long-lost friend.
Definitley could go a life time before hearing Social Distancing!  

2. What one word from your own list of words describing this year sums up/best reflects your 2020? Tell us why.

Heartbreaking!  There is no pain  more excruciating than burying your child; it isn't normal.
BUT, I am THANKFUL, youngest daughter gave birth to twins in March, so I have 3 healthy grandkids, I have a warm home, a job I was able to return to that I love, friends who I can chat with at 3 in the morning when I am unable to sleep, a church family and children at church who give me a hug (how can I tell them not to hug me!!) and many more blessings that I sometimes forget.

3. Do you like peppermint? Peppermint mocha, a candy cane, peppermint bark, peppermint tea, York Peppermint Pattie, peppermint ice cream...of the peppermint treats listed, which one is your favorite? Will you bake anything featuring peppermint this holiday season? 

Yes, like peppermint.  Favorite(s) would  peppermint mocha and York Peppermint Pattie.  Have not had peppermint ice cream but sounds like something I should try.
No baking here!

4. Besides Christmas, what do you associate the color red with? How about the color green? 

Red--danger maybe because it is the color of blood and it also reminds me of danger or someone being angry.
Green-new birth or growth. After winter, when spring, springs forth with new grass, trees blooming, etc. Green reminds me of HOPE.

5. Is your tree up? Real or artificial? Is your house decorated? Is your shopping done? Started? Wrapped? On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being Scrooge-like and 10 being Buddy the Elf, how's your Christmas spirit? 

I am not putting a tree up this year, with just me...nope.  I have decorated some on the outside of the house, shopping is started, not completed. 
Trying to get in the spirit, but so sad for me and with deceased daughter's birthday December 30th a double blow. Listening to Christmas music brings a smile with a lot of tears.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

On Monday, at school, I became a little emotional.  So many teachers' families being affected by COVID and some very serious requiring hospitalization and on a ventilator.  My prayers are with all.
Schools were closed Tuesday (yeah, I know we are hybrid but with so many teachers absent it is difficult trying to find subs).  It was so nice and warm last week; I had my windows open.  BUT Ole' Man Winter came and gave us a reality check....temps in the 20s with snow and ice on the roads Tuesday.
I bought grandkids some matching PJs.

Aidan, Blake, and Liam.  Now, this makes me smile.

Have a great rest of the week.  Please Stay Safe and Enjoy Life.

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