Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Wednesday Hodgepodge


From this Side of the Pond

1. It's National Read A Book Day...whatcha' reading? What's a book you want to read? 

The book I am reading is Sharp Objects.  A book I would like to read is House of Cotton.

2. Which is better...having high expectations or low expectations? Explain why. 

 In my opinion, having high expectations is better.  Having expectations helps me to push myself and this gives me motivation to complete a task or an assignment.  I also think having high expectations boosts self-confidence.

3. Serenity is________________________. lacking in my household right now. (refer to random thought)

4. What's  the most interesting thing in your purse or pocket right now? 

I carry a flashlight in my purse.  I am blaming this on aging, but I have a hard time seeing in the dark now.  I miss a step and fall or can't find the sidewalk so I carry a flashlight.

5. What helps you calm down? 

If the weather is nice, I like to sit outside and do absolutely nothing.  Or I will listen to contemporary music to help calm me down.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

My daughter and hub sold their house quicker than they they have all moved in with me.  I went from being by myself for five years to having two extra adults, three children, and two dogs!  Talk about a sure is. They are building a house.  The land is purchased and the blueprints have been sent to the contractor. I am thankful the weather is still nice because I need to find my peace by going outside.

I have been enjoying the company of a male friend.  Daughter is treating me like a teenager.  When the fellow comes over, daughter sits with us.  It is kinda funny.  She seems to like this fellow and is happy for me, but she wants to know where we are going.  It is like she is the mother and I am the child.

Have a great rest of the week and Enjoy Life.


  1. Very practical to carry a flashlight in your purse! I use the flashlight on my phone for the same purpose. Sorry serenity is harder to come by with a houseful of family, but I also think it's sweet that your daughter has shifted into a chaperone role. Have a great week!

  2. I use a flashlight when I go outside at night with the dog...I think it's pretty smart of you to carry one. Too funny about your daughter. Have a great day.

  3. I'm happy for you Tammy. And it's probably a good thing to have a daughter looking out for you too : ) Enjoy the chaos!

  4. Well, that certainly is a houseful. Hopefully they enjoy vacuuming and washing dishes! It is funny how roles seem to reverse as we get older. Hope you find many peaceful moments in the midst!

  5. Wow - to go from "one" to so many might be a challenge!! I imagine it is hard to find serenity. I'm happy you have a friend!

  6. I enjoyed your answers. May you find serenity where you can find it.


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