Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Wednesday Hodgepodge

From this Side of the Pond

1. Did you watch any coverage of the 9/11 services on Monday? How do you feel on this day some 22 years after the events occurred? Share more if you want to share more. 

I was unable to watch any of the 9/11 services.  Even after 22 years, I know exactly where I was on this day and what I was doing.  After 22 years, I still feel sad and heartbroken that this happened to our country.  This is a day that should never be forgotten.  We should always be grateful for the men and women who serve our country and the men and women who are members of the rescue teams, medical teams, police officers, etc.

2. September 13th is National Peanut you like peanuts? Your favorite dish that contains peanuts? 

Love peanuts.  I do not fix a dish containing peanuts.  My cousin, who comes over for special occasions or just pops in to watch football, is EXTREMELY allergic to peanuts.  When eating peanuts, I am by't  myself late at night, then I make sure I wipe all counters off...spic and span!  

3. Something you're currently 'nuts' about? 

Grandchildren! and UT Football!

4. Your favorite Peanuts character? There are several quizzes online if you're curious...I took two and got the same character for both so I'm sure it's accurate lol. (Click here for the link)

My quiz says...Charlie Brown.  Pretty accurate for me; I do cheer on my friends and care about them deeply.  

5. Tell us about a job you worked 'for peanuts'

My first current job, but I love teaching.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Next week is Apple Festival time so I have been busy this week preparing for all the festivities.  I think (?) this is the 63rd Annual Event. Praying for nice weather.


  1. It's still really humid here but we're supposed to cool down some later this week. I hope the weather holds out for your festival. We enjoyed strolling through ours but we were melting. Go VOLS!

  2. My son is finishing his degree in teaching. A wonderful job choice. I haven't been to an Apple festival in years enjoy

  3. An Apple Festival, how fun! I know there is one in our area, I'll have to look out for it. It's tough when you have a family member or friend with a peanut allergy, you have to be so careful!

  4. I'm pretty sure I got Charlie Brown as a result on one of the quizzes too. I took a couple of them a couple of times. An apple festival sounds like a lot of fun! I hope the weather cooperates and you have a great time!

  5. I agree on peanuts. We are happy we don't have many allergic people around us! The apple festival sounds like fun!

  6. Sometimes Hershey is just the best. Hopefully with cooler weather we will all get outside and enjoy the season.


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