Sunday, May 4, 2014

Weekend Rewind....

Weekend Rewind...

After school on Friday, a long week of bus duty I might add, I had many errands to run.  Finally got all accomplished as was ready to 'hit the hay' pretty early.

Saturday, hub was busy at the Coffee Shop so I pitched in and mowed the lawn.  I did a lot of thinking while mowing the grass.  So much has been happening here lately and I just can't seem to get a break.  As I was mowing, I kept humming a lot of the contemporary gospel songs in my head.   When hub returned home, I had finished cleaning some of the house, mowed the lawn, showered and was headed out to buy flowers-all completed before 3 that afternoon.  Hub was impressed!!  We went and purchased some hanging baskets and other plants for the house.  
That evening I made a special treat I had been wanting to try.  All hold their breath when I make something new,(a little cheese surprise) and I know what hub and daughter were thinking.  Another surprises-hub and daughter loved this little treat!  Thanks to one of my fellow book club-the Brie wrap was so easy and tasted delicious.

Right now, I am a little-no a lot nervous.  Daughter has to have a stress test tomorrow.  She has had two open heart surgeries as an infant.  Going to UVA is stressful.  Daughter didn't want to spend the night, so we are leaving at 5 in the morning.  My head is hurting and my heart is pounding.  Nerves are getting the best of me. Prayers for a safe trip and great test results.  

Have a blessed week.  


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