Monday, May 26, 2014

Weekend Rewind

Weekend Rewind...
one day late

Hope all enjoyed Memorial Day-a day of just not picnics, swimming, etc. but a day to remember all who have given so much for us!

Friday was a great day!  My students did well on their Standards of Learning Test!!  WOOHOO!!
Later that evening I joined up with some fellow teachers for dinner and great conversation!  There is nine days left for students in my county.  Teachers have to work till June 10th.

Saturday, I finally talked hub into going to Plumb Alley Day.  The weather was perfect.He has never been and just doesn't care for this kinda of stuff.  Plumb Alley Day is just a lot of flea markets, games, antiques, etc. It didn't take much coaxing for hub to go when he found out 'little man' was going.

The giant slide caught 'little man's ' eye.

Hub did enjoy some of the sights.  'Little man' enjoyed the confederate soldiers and the firing of the guns.  I guess all boys are interested in guns at his age.

After a few hours, hub and 'little man' was ready to go and get something to eat.  I explained there were plenty of vendors around but not for them.  Reluctantly, I headed to the car.  Hub and 'little man' wanted nothing but

so we ate Chick-fil-A.

That evening 'little man' spend the night and he was really tired.  It didn't take much to get him to sleep.  I dozed a few times while he was going to sleep-didn't realize I was this tired until I settled down.

I finally got around to some cleaning around the house.  WHEW!  I desperately need to do some deep cleaning-planning on this when school is out for summer.

Tomorrow is 'little man's' last T-Ball Game.  Enjoyed watching all the little ones play.

Time to get ready for another week of school-well 4 day week that is.
Have a Blessed Week!

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  1. I'm sure you're ready to be on the road to summer! Glad you had a nice weekend there!


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