Sunday, May 18, 2014

Weekend Rewind

Weekend Rewind...

A Whirlwind...

Friday, I took a Personal Leave to set up for Relay for Life.  Friday morning around 2am daughter took the nasty stomach bug that has been going around--so I was up and down with her during the wee hours of the morning.  Poor thing-she still wanted her Momma when sick no matter how old.  She was one sick girl-laying on the bathroom floor and crying with her stomach.  Grandson was spending the night with us and I was praying he would not wake up and hear daughter in the bathroom.  Thankfully he slept through it all.  I called daughter #1 (pharmacist) and she was able to get some meds for her sister and told me what to give her to drink--ice chips and gatorade with water.  Thankful for #1 daughter and her sister was too.

Later I took grandson to help me set the tent, chairs, and tables up.  He really wanted #2 daughter to go and I had to explain that she needed to sleep so she would feel better for Relay that night.  When grandson and I got home daughter was feeling much better -she was up out of bed and had showered.  Her stomach had stopped hurting and she only felt weak.  I gave her a few crackers to eat and more liquids to drink.  Grandson was so happy to see daughter feeling better!!  He kept saying he was going to be a pharmacy to help people since Mimi (Amanda) had made her better.  He hadn't bit more said that when he said Mamow my stomach is hurting and he ran to the bathroom.  Oh No! but true-he was sick.  Quickly calling daughter and explained Nate had what Emily had earlier and meds were given, and within an hour he was up and playing around.  I began putting the finishing touches on our posters when I heard this awful noise...what the heck...
It was hailing!!!!  The sky was pitch black and the wind was violently  blowing.  The hail storm lasted about five minutes.  The sun came out and I stepped out to pick up some porch furniture that had blown over--shiver me cold...temperature had dropped!

We (hub, grandson, and daughter) bundled up and headed out to Relay.  The storm had blown tents over (except our tent-neighbor had helped me nail it down-we must have really nailed it down!).  It was decided to hold Relay for Life inside the high school gym.  Good idea because I was freezing-temps were in the 50's at 5:00 so I knew it would only get colder as the night went on.  All tables were carried in and all was happy.  Grandson turned in his money-he was running for Buddy-that is what he calls his Papaw-and grandson had raised $673.00-so proud of him.  He helped me decorate our table and then....Yep he started getting sick again.  Daughter #2 came and took him to our house.  

Hubs called regularly to check on him.  He was feeling better and wanted to return to Relay for the Kid's Run.  Hub told daughter to bring him on.  He did the Kid's Run and he won first prize for the most money, but I could tell he was just not feeling the best in the world.  Grandson's dad came and decided to take him home.  I carried grandson out to the car and big alligator tears started falling, he felt so bad but wanted to stay..this broke my heart:(   But I knew he would only continue getting sick and being home was the best place for him.

Back inside the Relay Party was going strong...dancing

Womanless Beauty Pageant..

daughter was voting for this candidate!!
We were unable to light the we placed them on the bleachers....I love the luminary walk and it was still inspirational to me.  Walking around the gym and looking at all the names that Cancer-that dreaded 'C' word has touched. Even though the weather was terrible, it did not stop our Relay.  I Relay to find a cure for this terrible disease and for...

Hub has been a survivor for 4 years!!!! Yes, tears still came as his name was read, and he took his survivor's lap.

Hub, daughter #2, and I were up at the crack of dawn on Saturday and headed out by 6am to Harrisonburg to see daughter's finance graduate.  I was dressed more like winter (temp was in the 30's) instead of spring.  Daughter had a blanket and carried her winter coat with her.  Weather in Harrisonburg was perfect-a cool 60's but the sunshine was great.
After receiving his diploma, it was all smiles for this young man.
He and daughter are so happy.

Sunday, hub, daughter #1 (the pharmacist) and myself were up again at the 'crack of dawn'.  We were on our way to Durham, North Carolina for a meeting with Mutual Drug Company.  It was the Annual Stockholders Meeting-a first for all of us.  I was impressed-they were all so cordial.

Arriving home late Sunday evening, I thought I would be tired but I just can't seem to settle down.  Blaming my restlessness  on this weekend's travel!  Whew!

Have a great week!


  1. You might try the neon light sticks to light up the luminaries next year. My daughter's school used that even though they were outside but it would definitely work inside too if you had to go there for a backup plan.


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