Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Crazy Weather, to say the least.
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Just a few weeks ago, the temps were in the high 70s and low 80s.  I was kinda getting use to the early spring/summer temps.
February was nice and warm.

This week we have had some snow.

Not a lot of snow, but enough snow to cancel school.
This little cutie was able to come and hang out for a few hours.
Don't you love snap chat!  Ha!
Today is suppose to be the last day of the cold temps before warmer weather returns.

Hub was busy fixing a leak yesterday....
Glad he felt like it!!  Thank you hub!

We are headed to Duke next week, and hub will begin a new round of chemo.  Praying for travel mercy, and hub to tolerate this new round of chemo.

I don't feel like getting into the spring cleaning mode just yet.  I have a zillion chores to get done but just don't feel like it. Does anyone else feel this way??I have been reading the book, Imagine. Excited to see the movie.  I like to read the book first before seeing the movie.

A rambling blog.....I know.....

Have a great rest of the day. 

Enjoy Life
Can't get enough of this sweet face!

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  1. Your grandbaby is so cute! It's sunny here today, but still cool. I'm enjoying it though as we'll have heat soon enough and I think the cool temps have stalled the pollen. I will continue to pray for your hubs and a good outcome with his new treatment.


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