Monday, April 9, 2018

It has been awhile since I have been able to blog.  Some things that have been happening.....

Praise  My step son has been allowing us to see our oldest 'grandson'.  I haven't asked any questions as to why? but so glad to spend a few minutes with him.  He loves basketball and hub and I have taken him to an instruction camp.

Little league baseball has started, and he has been playing.  Not much a fan of the game, but his dad is coaching and he is kinda playing.

St. Patrick's Day was mainly stay at home kinda day.  We did have a visit from his cutie pie.
Daughter, hub, and Blake came by before hitting the town.

Hub's aunt turned 90 a couple of weeks ago.  We drove to Roanoke to for her surprise birthday party.
Love this picture. 

I have begun keeping my grandson, Blake.  He is a joy to have around!

Daughter #2 surely misses him at work.  I try to send her pics and messages of him throughout the day.  Being a mom, I know how hard it is returning to work. 
She loves to snuggle him so much!

The weather did cooperate for Easter!!  We had a nice dinner.  Family is what it is all about.
Daughter #2 came with hub and Blake and Daughter #1 came with her finance. And I forgot to take pictures!!!!  BUT I have the pictures engraved in my mind.

We had a few snow showers over the weekend.....I think we will skip spring and go right into summer.  I can't complain much because Jan and Feb were so mild with temps in the 70s on some days.

Hub begins his new chemo treatment today.  I pray he can tolerate this is taking 8 pills a day and the chemo will shrink his cancerous tumors. 

Have a great week.....until next time....Enjoy Life!

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