Monday, April 6, 2020

Enjoy Life...Day 5

Day 5...A-Z Blog Challenge   Enjoy Life

What it is like to not think about future and enjoy life as it ...

Day 5...Enjoy Life

Enjoy Life but expect to get hit with a few curveballs...some harder and faster than others.
Being quarantined (Thank -you COVID-19) has made me realize how much I have taken for granted and complained about...traffic (even though I only have one traffic light) especially on a Friday it is horrendous, standing in line at a store, waiting on a table at a restaurant, the cashier being slow giving me back my change, etc.  All little things I complained about...which took away from me enjoying the moment.  Maybe the cashier had a pounding headache and was working through this or maybe me standing in a line (which I thought was forever) was an opportunity for me to smile at someone and make their day. These little things caused me to be aggravated and made me huff and puff instead of enjoying life. So much time I have wasted on these little things.  In the grand scheme of life...sitting in a traffic jam, standing too long in lines, are small things.

Take a walk and enjoy the little things...a traffic jam with a car full of little kids waving out the window, watching a child playing in the candy while standing in those long lines, and smile at the cashier or the waiter.

When life hits you with a few curveballs (in the game of life, you can expect to get hit) get ready to navigate the journey and learn to or make yourself Enjoy Life- to focus on the good things...the ones that make you smile.

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