Friday, April 10, 2020

Day 9 of the A- Z Challenge

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Day 9...A-Z Challenge

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It's Okay

It has been 17 months since my husband passed away from colon cancer and three months since my daughter unexpectedly passed away.

It's okay.....
1. To be angry...angry at life in general; not people, just life. 
2. To cry...there are days when I cry more than others...the waves come over me and the tears flow.
3. To mention their names...I can tell when people are afraid to say their names, but it is okay with remember them like I do.
4. To laugh...the first time I laughed after daughter passed away, I felt guilty...why? I really don't know.
5. To visit the cemetery... I still go daily and have special talks and I feel better.
6. To write letters...I try to write letters to my daughter telling her about my day.

It is okay.

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