Friday, April 24, 2020

Day 21 A - Z Challenge..Until I See You Again

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Day 21 of the A - Z Challenge...
until i see you again - Laura Sea💞 - Wattpad

No one knows why bad things happen to those so innocent whose life had just begun.  The unthinkable happened to me.  Losing a child; the intensity of the grief; the unnatural grief.  Grief is as unique as a fingerprint.

Until I See You Again

I miss you so much...But until I see you again I will:

Smile more often

Be more compassionate

Strive to have more faith

Appreciate the small things more (beautiful sunsets, flowers)

Do the right thing when faced with a choice

Laugh more

Be more spontaneous

Think before speaking

Slow you would often say, "Mom stop and smell the roses."

Take my chill often said, "Mom just chill."

My tattoo for my daughter.
Until I see you again.

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