Saturday, April 11, 2020

Day 10 A- Z Challenge...JOY

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Day 10   A- Z Challenge
Joy Joy Joy Joy Down in My Heart – Guyandotte Church of Christ


When I hear the word, Joy, the first thing I thought of was the song..".I got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart."  Joy a feeling of great happiness. BUT when life throws you a curveball, finding joy is doesn't even exist.

The scriptures tell us to rejoice in our suffering.  But when living in that moment..I didn't rejoice and to be honestly I don't rejoice now.

I was reading an article that compared a rainbow to suffering.  Water represents our suffering we are experiencing and the rainbow represents the stages of grief.  We all know that when light passes through the droplets of water a rainbow is formed.  Light represents God.  When suffering joy may be the smallest color in the rainbow.  The promises of the rainbow from God; HOPE.  I believe God will restore my joy to the big color of the rainbow.  God tells us to trust him; he wipes the droplets of water from our face.
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