Monday, April 27, 2020

Day 23 A - Z Challenge...Without Warning

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Warning--the state of being warned...a notice that something will happen often unpleasant and dangerous.
But I had no warning.
Google Issues a Warning About Guest Posting to Build Links ...

Without Warning

I have seen and heard many warnings...road warnings like accident warnings, high water warnings, deer crossing warnings and weather warnings...high wind warnings, storm warnings, tornado warning,etc. 

But I had no warning...None!!

Upon arriving at the hospital, I was whisked away to a room.  The hardest thing I ever heard was "Your daughter is dead.  There was nothing we could happened so fast."  

Every waking moment, I replay that in my head.  Every waking moment I replay our last day and evening together...the laughter we shared... our time together.  

It makes no sense to me for her life to be taken at a young age.  The loss is suffocating.  The hardest thing I will ever do is live without her.

My loved was snatched away from me without warning.

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