Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Day 18 A - Z Challenge Let's Rewind

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Years ago, (well, I still do)  I would reminisce.  Mostly I reminisced about the girls--the fights over a hairbrush, their first dates, their proms, their college years,  their engagements, their weddings, and so on...  I can remember saying if only I knew then what I know now..to cherish each moment.
 Rewind buttons do not work on life. | Slickwords


Anyone else want to rewind life?  But we all know there ain't no rewind button.  I think back to happier times (don't we all) and wonder if I made the most of it or just rushing through life trying to get to the next part.

I can't count how many times I wish I could have hit the rewind button.  To hit the button and rewind to December 31, 2019- to be able to laugh one more time with my daughter, to talk with my daughter, to kiss her and hug her and never let her go -just one more time.  I would if I could BUT I would want to hit PAUSE because I know how it ends.  

Once life begins, it PLAYS until it STOPS.

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