Wednesday, April 8, 2020

God...Day 7 A- Z Challenge

Day 7   A-Z Challenge

Trusting God In the Storm | Dr. Michelle Bengtson


When life threw me a curveball, God had my full attention.  God is my refuge.  Turning to HIM gives me peace.

At first, with the death of my daughter, I was in disbelief and in shock; a zombie just going through the days.  Then, I became angry--angry at the world.  I still get angry at the world.

Walking into church after my daughter passed away was difficult.  During the church service, I kept remembering what my daughter had said to me the morning before her third open heart surgery.  It was October 12, 2017 and she was getting ready for surgery.  I asked her is she was scared (dumb question on my parenting skills) and she replied, "No."  Then she said, and I will NEVER forget these words..."If I wake up after surgery it will be okay and if I don't wake up it will be okay because my heart will be fixed either way." Again, (not too smart on my part) I replied for her not to talk like that.  To be exact I think I told her to hush and not talk like that.  Amanda trusted God completely.

It is easy to trust God when life is going great and we are just sailing along enjoying got the job, your pay increases, you marry the man of your dreams, etc.  But very few talk about God when life hits you with a curveball.  But God knows and he grieves with us.  HE is still on the throne.

I don't understand and I am confused. And I still ask WHY?  I know God knows I am human and I am hurting.  But GOD is Trustworthy even through the curveballs of life.

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