Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Friends...Day 6 A- Z Challenge

Day 6...of the A - Z Challenge..


40 Short Friendship Quotes for Best Friends - Cute Sayings About ...

Friends are so special.  One can't have too many friends.  There are some friends I consider closer than others because of the major events we have shared...my inner circle ...my close friends.  These close friends are willing to allow you to experience unbearable pain without judging.  Sometimes a friend's feeling are hurt unintentionally when you are experiencing pain.

A friend does not say "Call me if you need anything" they just call you from time to time or they just show up. A friend will say, "I will pick you up at 6 on a Saturday" not call me if you want to go somewhere.  

Friends show love, they listen, they show up, and they will drop whatever it is and be there for you.

Friends are like fuel...they keep me going when I don't want to.








I am so thankful for all of my friends.  When life throws you a curveball, your friends are there to make sure you don't strike out.

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