Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Day 19 A - Z Challenge....Step on in

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Continuing with the A - Z Challenge Dealing with Grief

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Step Into The Club

Step into this crappy club.  The club I NEVER was asked to join, the club I NEVER wanted to join, and the club I CAN NEVER leave.

When my daughter passed away, I had no one to lean on.  My hub had passed away just 12 months earlier (colon cancer) and my youngest daughter was pregnant with twins.  It was tough and it still is.

I did have two teacher friends who had both lost their sons unexpectedly.  One son passed away (2018)  in a farming accident and the other son passed away (2019) in the line of duty; he was a state policeman.  I had taught in the same school district with these teachers; different grade levels and subject content.  They have both reached out to me. Now, we share a bond. Sometimes we just hold each other's hand and cry.  Each of us understand the agony of belonging to this club.  A club neither one of us wants to be a part of and can never leave.

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