Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Day 1...April A-Z Challenge

April A-Z  Blog Challenge.
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This is my first year EVER participating in this challenge.  With some time on my hands, I decided to participate in this challenge. I kinda have a theme....Words when Life Throws You a Curveball

Words When Life Throws You a Curveball


Adversity happens to everyone.  In the past two years, I have been hit with TWO curveballs life has thrown at me. One curveball was a little expected.  My hub was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2010.  He was able to take 10 1/2 treatments before becoming allergic on the 10th treatment.  His oncologist told us he had read reports and medical journals saying six treatments were sufficient and hub had 10 1/2.  Every six months we went for his check-ups and all was great.  October 2016 we went for his check-up and the oncologist said since we had been doing good (low tumor markers, blood work good, weight was good, blood pressure good) we could now come on an yearly check-up. Yay!!  In December of that same year, hub began complaining of his stomach hurting, we contributed this to the Christmas food he had consumed.  February 2017, the pain was worse and test were scheduled.  The CANCER had rid its ugly head.  What?  Hub had surgeries, different types of chemo, and embolization radiation.  November 2018 he passed away at the age of 62.  We were married 37 years.
The second curveball completely unexpected. January 1, 2020, my oldest daughter, Amanda, passed away.  She was a pharmacist, owned her own pharmacy (started with the help of her dad), had been married only one year, and was 32 years old.  Amanda had to have THREE open-heart surgeries..two at University of Virginia and one at Boston's Children Hospital.  Her third open-heart surgery was in 2017 to replace the mitral valve.  March 2019 we had went for her check-up...all great news...see you next year.  I had noticed she was moving slower than normal, but she just said she was a little tired...the business had really picked up.  December 31st I had went to the pharmacy to take down the Christmas tree and other decorations.  Amanda and I had laughed and joked that day.  At 11pm I had called her.  Later at 3:30am (January 1) my aunt called saying I needed to get to the hospital; Amanda was sick.  Hurriedly, I put on my clothes and there was a knock at the door.  A policeman stood there...not a good sign.  When I arrived at the hospital, my precious daughter, Amanda had passed away.  Her husband was in shock and so was I!!  Severe mental pain doesn't even touch this!!
I believe I have experienced my fair share of adversity in these two short years.

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