Friday, April 17, 2020

Day 15 A - Z Challenge Outstanding Daughter

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Day 15 of the A - Z Challenge

Oh, My precious daughter!  I was having difficulty coming up with a word for the letter O. I chose a trait to describe you.


Amanda, was outstanding.  She knew she wanted to be a pharmacist at an early age.  Not only did she earn her Doctor of Pharmacy Degree, but she started (from ground zero) her own pharmacy, Chilhowie Drug Company, at the age of 26.

Her smile could light up a room.  Very seldom did I ever see her without a smile on her face even while studying for the boards.

She was friendly to everyone who walked through the doors at Chilhowie Drug Company.  Everyone was treated with kindness, smiles, and compassion. Shortly after I retired from teaching, I was getting bored at home, so I decided to go and help Amanda at the the cash register.  This person came in and he was down right rude.  I didn't say much to him, but I also, didn't treat him very nice. WRONG!  Amanda quickly snapped at me.  I tried explaining that he shouldn't had been so rude and ugly.  Amanda's remarks were and I quote, "Mom, you don't know the news this person might have gotten; he is doing the best he can because he doesn't feel well, so we are nice".  This was my first and last day working for her.

February of this year a representative from her undergraduate college contacted me. The representative told me he had talked to Amanda this summer.  She was to be on the cover of King University Catalog and also speak at Chapel to the upcoming graduating class in May.  Also, a professor had donated a sum of memory to start a scholarship in her honor.  Tears flowed. You see, Amanda had not mentioned this at all to me.  

Shortly thereafter, I received a letter from Delegates and Senators from the state of Virginia--House Joint Resolution-Celebrating the life of Amanda Doane Holley.  The clerk of the House of Delegates was preparing a copy of the resolution to present to me.

Following this, the Chilhowie High School Baseball Team had a patch sewed on the sleeve of their uniforms with the emblem...In memory of Amanda Doane Holley.

Amanda was a woman of faith. Many times I told her I wish I had just a 'little bit' of her faith when I was going through something.  She truly enjoyed worship with the congregation at church.  She taught Sunday School and was an assistant prayer leader. 

Amanda had something special inside her.  Her greatest compassion was helping and serving others.

She touched many lives in the community.  Many has shared their stories with me.

A remarkable, outstanding young woman..Taken Too Soon

Graduation Day...Pharmacy School
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Getting to participate in a parade.
She was a great aunt.
Attending the Jr. Sr. Prom with her husband.
Her special companion, Molly.

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