Saturday, April 10, 2021

April A- Z Challenge....Presenting the letter 'I'




My life has been completely shaken up, changed, and rearranged.  Thinking about a new beginning is  because of my painful ending.  I know I have to get out of this rut and begin to live; as much as I wanted the world to stop; it didn't.

Late one evening I began talking to myself and feeling down.  It is just I really don't have anyone to encourage me.  I began thinking, What can I do?

Here are the things I have been doing:

Get out of the house!!!  I go to school (teach part-time), to church, and maybe to pick up something quick from the grocery store and that is about it.  These walls were caving in on me.  I began walking in the town park again...(it was hard walking by myself).  Even on cool days when it is too cool to walk at the park, I walk around my house.  Many times I stand in my driveway and watch traffic go by.  I contacted a friend and we had lunch one afternoon. 

I have never been a person who journals, but I began.  When I can't sleep (which is most nights) because my brain won't turn off (constantly on repeat), I start writing.  I write down everything I am thinking.  Just dump my brain.

My morning devotions have been a part of my routine for years.  I have been studying the book of Psalms.  Crying out to God and praising HIM each morning is how I begin my days.

I have always been a reader, but I always read for pleasure.  Now, I read about people who demonstrated huge amounts of faith in trying times while going through their own personal trials.  I ain't the only one, ya'll!!

Even though, there are some things I have started doing, I will praise God in this storm.  He is my inspiration as I begin my new beginning.

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