Tuesday, April 20, 2021

A-Z Challenge...Letter 'Q'




Quietness is not for me.  Always been a person who has to have some noise in the background whether it is music blaring or the television on (even though I am not watching).

A couple of weeks ago the sun was shining, and I sat on the steps basking in the warmth of the sun on my face.  I quickly realized I had left my phone inside.  But I just sat there.  Being quiet is a choice and I chose to be quiet.  My mind has been in overdrive for many years. My brain keeps many tabs open! Even though I start my day reading my devotions and prayer, this really isn't quiet time (shame on me but sometimes I catch myself thinking about other things!).  I really don't spend enough time being very quiet. On this particular day it was close to 2pm, and I MADE myself sit there quietly.  Distractions are everywhere, so when I say I made myself be quiet, I really had to focus on the quietness. 

I used this time to allow my heart to connect with God's heart. I quieted my mind so I could listen to HIM.  God speaks to me, but I don't hear him because I am not listening.  Quiet Me!  I need to listen for God's Voice; HE has something to say.

Really don't know how long I sat and was quiet on this particular day, but it is something I will do more often...put away my phone, put away my book/kindle, and train my brain to just sit and not think.  Just sit quietly and tell God I am listening.  HE has something to say and HE wants me to listen to HIM.

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  1. My mind wanders a lot too. I find I have to go back and reread verses quite often because my mind has wandered away.


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