Wednesday, April 21, 2021

A-Z Challenge...Letter 'R'




It is easy to reflect on all of our mistakes and all that didn't go as planned.  Continuously reflecting on all my mistakes or my turmoil/hardships is not healthy.  Don't get me wrong, it is okay to remember the struggle and pain one experiences, but not to dwell on these experiences.  I was beating myself down.

What can I do differently?  Reflect on all the blessings I experience and all the stuff that goes right.  Begin a new reflection which will make me aware of how I am feeling.  Where I am now isn't where I will always be.

Today's blessings...I held my tongue, no road rage, talked to friends, watched a ballgame (in person ) last night, didn't spill the container of gas in my truck, looking forward to my Bible Study tonight (which is a huge blessing) , was comforted by a person who went through the loss of a child as I did, had lunch with a friend, etc. 

Tomorrow is a new day and the slate is wiped clean for more blessings to flow.

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