Saturday, April 24, 2021

A-Z Challenge...Letter 'U'




To live my life to the fullest, I have to understand I have to face the unknown on my own (I know I am not the only one!)  Wishing I had a crystal ball, but I don't.  But then again, I really don't want to see the future.

With this new life I have been handed, I need to understand who I really am. To begin, I need to understand how God sees me.  God created me to be all I can be.  He doesn't want me to go around 24/7 looking like I have been weaned on dill pickle juice! (ha)  God knows I have been hurt deeply, but I need to remember and understand that God works things out for my good.  HE sees the big picture.  I only have a bird's eye view.

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  1. That's all so true and I am praying you find a way forward that brings peace to your heart.


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