Friday, April 23, 2021

A-Z Challenge...Letter 'T'





Trust God completely.  I believe God wipes every tear from my eyes and HE listens as I cry out to HIM!

Even though I may not understand how we works everything out for my good, especially when I am hurting, I will put my trust in HIS plan.  The 'WHY' I kept rehashing over and over in my mind.  The more I hang out with the 'WHY', the more it consumes me; the less trust I have in God.  Sitting through numerous sermons on trust, God is 100 PERCENT faithful.

My prayer to God is I trust and believe BUT help my unbelief.  Many days Satan really is working overtime and steals my joy.  Trusting in God as I begin to enjoy life.  When I trust God, HE ALWAYS moves on my behalf.

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