Monday, April 4, 2011


Weekends go by so fast!!!  Too fast!!  and the weather changes--I know it is April, but what crazy weather the weekend had in store for us.  Friday was a ho-hum day!!  After working, I decided I better make a run to the grocery store.  The daughters were coming home and the pantry was empty!!!  A few snow flakes were falling no big deal-but you would have thought a blizzard was coming!!!  Shew glad I make it out.

Saturday was no different--the sun was shining, then it began to sleet, then snow!!!  CRAZY!!!!

Sunday was beautiful-in the 70's!!!! What-I was beginning to sweat!!!!  Daughter #1 wanted to cook out on the grill--so what does she want-steak--she really doesn't like steak-but oh well.  My mother came up for a visit.  I hadn't seen her in a while-she had a total hip replacement and is doing fine.  Another run to the grocery store.  Then fire up the grill!!!!!

My husband started cooking.

Don't he look happy!!!

 The girls started to help!!!!
Some help.....and I decided to see my tulips coming up.
Then we all sat down to eat!!!!
Now time for the good-byes
Once last picture with their Granny Jane--my mother

What a fun weekend-even though the weather was CRAZY!!!!! 

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