Sunday, April 10, 2011

One More ---Added to Plate

Well, I seem keep adding to my plate-by choice too!!!  A friend invited me to a coupon workshop Friday night.  Is my life that boring when I go to a workshop on coupons on a Friday night??????  Nothing else to do, so why no go?  The lady who spoke was very interesting and gave a list of interesting topics to follow along in her handout. She has a website and then I found out she was raised in Chilhowie (where I live) who was this woman and why didn't I know her!!!  My gosh, I live here and had never heard of her!!!  She goes to the grocery store once a month, but mostly shops at Walgreen's.  My word, what was she saying?  Her and husband will pay off their house in two years, not the 15 they had mortgaged!!!  My mouth was hanging open!!!  She mentioned all the bargains she would find and I kept thinking I never find bargains. 
On the way home, my friend and I talked and said let's try this.  I couldn't wait to look in the paper Sunday for coupons.  So after church I cut out coupons and headed to Walgreen's, coupons stuffed in pocket.

I got all the items on my list and carried the basket to the counter.  As the clerk was ringing up the items, I said to my husband, I didn't get this, he replied, "I did."  That conversation went on for a few more items.  My total was not what I expected!!!  Way over budget.  So I learned a lesson--don't take hub with you when going to Walgreen's!!!  Then I thought to myself, do I really want to continue hunting through the paper for coupons and then go sour-when it wasn't what I expected!!!  I mean, I do have plenty other projects going on-work, cabin hunting, children, grandchild--do I have the time????  Well, I am seriously going to try again!!!  Will let everyone know how this goes!!!!

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