Saturday, April 23, 2011

"God has given us these times of joy."

Have already enjoyed some Easter festivities!!!  Beautiful weather we are having.  My husband, daughter #2, and I took our grandson too the Easter Egg Hunt in the park.

Daughter #2, Nathan, and Nathan's Dad
He didn't find many eggs, but really enjoyed hunting for them.

Buddy and Mamow had to get in on the action!

After the egg hunt, we went to the farmner's market.  I had to purchase two bottles of wine-strawberry and plum!!!  Gonna try later on.  Hub had to purchase Italian food--egg noodle pasta and meatballs.  Wonder if this would go with my wine!!  I wanted to get bread, but trying to lay off bread for a while.

Daughter #1 out with boyfriend on the Creeper Trail--wish she would visit us some when she is home, but all well-I guess she will later.  

Did I mention, I colored eggs with grandson on Thursday. 

I found the cutest basket-just had to purchase it----

Is this a coincidence???  Hmmm.......

Everyone enjoy your Easter!!!  Now to begin some cooking!!! and then outside to enjoy the weather.

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