Monday, April 25, 2011

Buddy (Charlie) and Nathan

Just wanted to remember what a great Easter we had.  The church service was amazing and I can't imagine not going to church on Easter Sunday.  My favorite song--"Jesus Messiah" was sung and so awesome!  After church we all came back for some family photos.
Nathan and his Easter Basket
Todd-Charlie's son-Emily and Amanda
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Me and Nathan
Emily, me, and Amanda

After pictures, we couldn't wait to change into shorts!!! But I am not going to complain about the weather-not yet anyway.

Something we now have a hard time doing is finding time to talk.  When one daughter is home, the other one isn't.  So you know what we did???
We talked, and talked, and talked.  I have missed those days!!

When we finally quit talking, we decided to get dinner ready.  Daughter #2 wanted to eat later than the rest of us-reason being she didn't want to eat the college food when getting back. So we
decided to just chill out some more.

Finally I had to break the party up and say let's get dinner started.  Daughter #2 warned me she was going to eat a lot-didn't really believer her but.....
she is all smiles with her plate of food.
We let her go first in line.
I think they are wondering if any food is left.

Sometimes it is a sin to eat too much!!  That's how we all felt after dinner!! So back to some more talking
before daughter #2 had to head back to college.
Now I know why daughter #1 is smiling above-she doesn't have to leave for pharmacy school-as a matter
of fact she is home for 7 weeks doing pharmacy rotations. 

Another beautiful day today and I still have grandson (2 yr. old) and we didn't have school. So what do
we do--we play with him in the yard.

More Bubbles!!!!!!

I had forgotten how much fun this was.  I guess having a 2 yr. old around can bring out the
kid in you.  After 20 some years a person does tend to forget!!!
A sadder note---7 more weeks of school.  I tend to think my paperwork will go away.  While grandson is
sleeping or napping (Ah remember the naps-wish I could take one right now), I
better get started on grading papers!!!

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