Sunday, August 7, 2011

For The Life of Me.......

I usually don't write about this--but I just can't understand for the life of me one thing.  Why do people have children and don't want to spend time with them or even be a parent at all?
Charlie and I went to Pigeon Forge this past week.  Just a little down time for me before school starts back.  Both daughters were still in college for the summer.  Daughter #1 ended her class Friday and Daughter #2 ended her class we said okay girls Dad and I will go and you all can go the next week because I will be in school.  They both jumped at the chance of this--what 23 and 21 yr.old wouldn't?
Charlie and I headed out Sunday.  We just took our time and enjoyed the drive.  Later that evening we ate at our favorite place...The Blue Moose.  Yummy....if you ever go...check this place out.

They have the coldest beer in town-still in frosted mugs with bits of ice floating on top.  Nothing fancy just a relaxing atmosphere.
Then we walked the food and beverage off--a little sightseeing along the way.
Beautiful pic of the Ole Mill.
Peaceful and relaxation soon ended.......
Tuesday my hub gets a call from his son (34 yr. old) and he has a 2 yr. old--full custody of his child.  The son was going to come on Wednesday but didn't want to--so we headed half-way and picked up Nate (2 yr. old) and took him with us.  My husband son's boss had given him Wednesday-Monday off with pay--just take the time and enjoy time spent with your son.
Nate had a good time---riding cars, trains, swimming, and eating.

Now, I love Nate with all my heart.  During the summer, I keep him 3 days during the week and every weekend.  When I am in school, he is at my house every day and then Charlie and I keep him every weekend.  Charlie's son takes him to the babysitter when I am in school form 9 till 5:30 and then like I said, brings him to our house till around 7:30 or 8:00.
Of course the son complains about being a single parent and I say--how are you so much a single parent?  You probably spend at the most 2-3 hours with him--of course he replies he is with him at night when he sleeps.  You got to be kidding me!!!!!  Then I explain he was old enough to know what he was doing--and should have thought before hand.
I have tried and tried talking and telling him he should bond with his child.  Charlie and I are not the parents, only grandparents!
Many friends of ours can't believe how much time we keep Nate.  But....I feel sorry for him because I feel he is just dropped off.  I do believe I am raising him and that's okay....but some days I am really tired and it is hard after teaching all day to come home to a 2 yr. old.
For the life of me--I just can't understand how someone can have a child and not want to spend some time with the child.
I just had to get this off my chest.  

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