Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lessons I Learned

.Children-teenagers...or young adults......
Take a moment and remember what they have taught you. I just did.

1.  Everyday is a new day.
I beat my head up when I make a mistake.I relive the incident over and over and over and over. I have made a mistake and I can't quit thinking about. Now this mistake hurt no one and no blood or anything like that was involved-just a simple mistake on my part. 
"Get over it Mom" daughters say.  
Sleepless nights of rolling, tumbling, and keeping husband awake doesn't help.  With dawn approaching, I get that pit in my stomach again-ready to face the day
and you know what? 
Today is a brand new day and the mistake I had made earlier-no one remembers it-but me.  So my evening of worry and sleepless night was a waste. Every day is a new day and I knew that.  I just need to practice this more.

2.  Patience
Oh Man----I don't even have patience at a drive-thru.  If you hear someone blowing a horn at McDonald's or some other fast food drive thru-it's me. When it comes to technology--not one ounce of patience.  I want it to pop up or do what I want it to do --let's just say NOW!!!!  
"Give it time Mom"another saying from daughters.
Honestly, now one must admit, I have seen teenagers and young adults have more patience with the use of technology than I ever could.  There have been many moments I wanted to throw my camera or cell phone away-I also talk to my cell phone-calling it dumb.  Don't believe I have witnessed a young adult actually talking to a cell phone.  Too many times to mention how I wanted to throw away my computer because it was too slow for me or I couldn't figure out how to do something on it.
Patience, patience, patience---One would think the older I get the more patience I would have-but not with some things.

3.  Don't sweat it.
I forgot to put something away so I naturally jump up and do it, I forgot to get the towels out of the dryer and  the dryer buzzed about 2 minutes ago, or I forgot, I forgot, and it goes on and on.
"Mom-relax and take a chill pill."  another saying from daughters.

I am learning everyday.  Now I just need to practice these more!

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