Sunday, August 14, 2011

Daughter Time

Date with #1 daughter Friday was fabulous.  I have been in school this week so she and I planned a date Friday.  We went to see The Help.
After being in meetings all day, I needed a moment-so I took the VW convertible.

  The ticket line wasn't too bad for the seven o' clock showing-maybe a 40 minute wait.  The movie was awesome as the book.  Parts of the movie brought a tear to my eye and Amanda leans over to ask, "Mom are you crying?"  Of course, "Yes."
When I got home, husband had grandson on his lap fast asleep.  He had tried to wait up,but just couldn't.  I am trying to get  him use to a big bed, so husband laid him down and I put up the bed rails.  Being overly protective, I slept with him.  I had forgotten how no matter how tired one is, I still woke up every few minutes to make sure I was not rolling on him.  Aw....just listening to him breathe was so peaceful.  Now that both daughters are in their 20's, I forgot about how sweet a child's breathing was.

Sunday is a day of praise and worship.  What a great song I heard--"Cry Out to Jesus" of course #2 daughter sung this as special music.  I must say she brought a tears to my eyes. Just in the past couple of months have I really-and I mean really listened to the words of contemporary gospel music.  Eye-opener-just sit back and listen to the words-a powerful message can be heard.

#1 Daughter had to leave and head back to pharmacy school.  Like I had mentioned earlier, this past week was her only summer vacation and I was in school.  We planned on following her for an hour and then find a place to get a quick dinner.  Her car was packed and ready!!!

Don't need much for a week--except her pillow-a must!!

I decided to ride with Amanda  and husband and #2 daughter rode together.  The clouds started rolling in and getting dark.

We ate at Bonanza--not much choice when you follow her back to pharmacy school.  As we began eating the rain, thunder, lightning, and wind put on a show for us.  I could tell #1 daughter needed to head out and get back to school.  I told her to go ahead and leave--she had a few errands to run before getting back.  We got in all our hugs and kisses and........:( the time had come to say good-bye.

Hub, daughter #2, and I finished eating and headed out.  We headed into the storm.
Why does it seem like when you don't want your daughter to leave, it storms......sad enough.  The closer we got to home, the cooler I was getting.  Now this is strange for me--with my hot flashes and all.  I glanced at the temp. in the van and saw.......
It was in the mid-eighties when we left.  No wonder I was getting chilly.  But it was a welcome chill for me.
We drove through the storms (seemed like on after an other) and made it home.
The house seemed empty and lonely with daughter #2 gone.  As I was looking out the window I saw...
How beautiful.  How can anyone ever question-God?  
Daughter #2 called and had made it safely to her apartment.  Sigh of relief!!

I truly enjoyed having you home, Amanda for this short week.  My only regret is.....the week went by way, way too fast.
I enjoyed each moment spending time with you.  I love you with all my heart and so proud of all your accomplishments.

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