Monday, August 8, 2011

Dinner is Up

#1 Daughter wanted to try a new recipe -she had actually learned this from one of her friends at pharmacy school.  Since I am not known as a chef in my house, I gave her the green light.
What are you planning of fixing?  She replied, "Sarah's Chicken and Rice."  I replied, "I have never had Sarah's Chicken and Rice."  To which she replied--"Mom you have had chicken and rice before."
"Yep, but never heard of Sarah's Chicken and Rice."  Then the laughter started....Sarah was her
friend who had given her the recipe.  Duh on me.
She went to the store and bought the ingredients and began.
First, she cut the chicken.
This took the longest or it seemed like it to me as I watched.

Then she mixed other ingredients in with the chicken-don't know what they were:(

This smelled good...but it wasn't cooked yet.
She started the rice.

Then began cooking the chicken.
Gosh-it smelled better than before.
I could tell she was a little nervous because she kept saying I hope we would like it.  It it tasted as good as it smelled---no problem.  However, if we didn't like it we still had salads to eat--I prepared the salad:)

Ta Da.........

It was delicious!!!!!!!!!
Dinner was a huge hit!!!!!  
Thanks Amanda for this wonderful dish!!!!!

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