Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. What makes you stand to your feet and cheer?
Depending on where I am---If watching a sporting event, I stand, yell, clap, and cheer loudly especially if watching my daughter play basketball.
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 If I am listening to a speaker and the speaker is saying what I want to hear; I stand and cheer.

If I am in church and someone sings a moving song, I do stand and then clap after the song.

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2. What's your favorite patriotic song?
 "God Bless the USA
by Lee Greenwood

3. Do you believe that opposites attract? If you have a significant other are you opposites?
 My hub and I are opposite!!  He goes to bed early (well to sleep early while watching TV).  I on the other hand, am a night owl.  He gets up early; I like to sleep in.  He doesn't like to travel; I love to travel.  He stays calm in situations; I panic.  When angry, he thinks before he speaks; I don't.  He bites his tongue; I don't.  At times, I wish I was more like him!!!!
4. You're going to get a behind the scenes look someplace...where would you like that someplace to be?
London -William and Kate specifically.

5. How far would you have to travel to ride a carousel (merry-go-round)?
Not far-just last week a carnival was only about 10 minutes from my house.  Living in a small town does have some advantages.
Me and Nate

6. When was the last time you saw fireworks? What was the occasion? Do you enjoy fireworks?
Last year--Fourth of July!!! I enjoy fireworks very much--a beautiful sight.

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7. Of all the 'beauty products' you own, what item do you consider to be the most overpriced?
Lip products and foundations.  Of course, these are the two products I would never leave the house without putting on first.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!!!!

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