Wednesday, June 15, 2011

It's time for...........

1. What is one thing on your bucket list? If you don't have a bucket list let's pretend you do.

How about 5 things:
1.  Travel--I love to travel but husband hates it.  Anywhere is fine with me-Italy would be the choice of places.2.  View the famous Northern Lights
3.  Ride in a hot air balloon
4.  Build a home for Habitat for Humanity
5.  Learn a different language-preferably French

2. What makes a good dad?
Characteristics of a good dad:  loving, putting family first, spending time with his children, having a positive influence, being faithful, and not only teach-but show.  I think my husband is a G-R-E-A-T dad.  He puts his children first and schedules everything else around their schedule.  So many times the girls call home and say, "Let me speak to Dad."  Why?  My answer would be "No" or find a solution to it, but he jumps at their beckon call.

Charlie with his two favorite girls!!!

3. Are you afraid of insects? Which ones?

I am not really afraid of insects unless I see one that is poisonous.  Usually I just step on insects and go on.

4. We're barbecuing...what's on the grill at your house?
Chicken--My husband loves to cook, and he is great at it.  Glad for this because I am no cook by no means!!!  We are also going to barbecue shrimp--this is great!!!!

5. Do you believe that playing is more important than winning?
She is a 'shorty' but with a lot of hussle.
Being a mother of a girl basketball player, I believe playing is more important than winning.  It doesn't matter how much time my daughter gets to play or if there or games she never gets in to play, I just go and watch.  This year will be the last time she plays basketball-she will be a senior in college and if nothing happens I plan on going to all of her games.  Just watching the team in the huddle, warming up before a game, the look in her teammate's faces will be just a few things I will miss.  I can't tell you how many points my daughter has scored or any fancy shots she takes (my husband can, though) or even the final score of a game.  I just go and yell (sometimes a little too loud) and enjoy my daughter and her team's performance.  Winning is a thrill, but playing is important.  I think I am rambling on this......

6. Do you tan? Use self tanners? Visit tanning salons? See your dermatologist at least once a year?
When younger, I loved to lay in the sun.  Then started going to tanning salons, then I bought a tanning bed.  Now I don't bother with either.  I get too hot.  I have never been to a dermatologist.

7. Five years ago I would never imagine that today I would be called Mamow right now.  My step-son has a 2 yr. old.

8.  Random thought.

Summer vacation starts tomorrow!!!!!  YIPPEE.......

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