Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sizzle, Sizzle, Steamy Hot

Not summer yet???  You could have fooled me!!!!  We have been in the high
90's for the past 7 days!!!
Oh, I remember this winter---ugh-too cold and wishing
for warmer weather.  Be careful what you wish for
you might get it-but I say to myself
where did spring go?  What spring?  We jumped from winter right

into summer!!!!!!

On the bright side--we have only 6 days left of school.  Since many schools do
not have AC we have been on a 2 hr. early release.  Now let me
clarify the 2 hr. early release is for students, not for teachers.  So
teachers don't get hot!!! huh?  So I have been using the
early release trying to get my classroom
put away until August.

On another note--the hot days make for sleepless nights.  I can't seem to
get to sleep at night.   I toss and turn, toss and turn, and toss and turn. 
The next minute I hear my alarm clocks going off and up
I jump out of bed.

Tomorrow night is the dance for 8th graders.  It is the last hooray for
them.  The young ladies and men usually dress up for this.
They are served a steak dinner and then head to the
gym to do some dancing!!!! 

I seem to be rambling on and on and on and on-guess it is because of
so many sleepless nights!!!!!

Ready for the weekend-wonder what I will be doing........
Enjoy Life

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