Monday, June 6, 2011

Dark Clouds.......

When we hear of someone with cancer we automatically think death.  Believe me, I have walked down this road with my husband.  But cancer is a 'word' and 'not a sentence.'  But when we hear someone has bronchitis or pneumonia we know that person will feel better soon.

Last week a teacher friend was diagnosed with bronchitis and pneumonia.  We all knew she wasn't feeling the best, but being the dedicated teacher she was; she kept coming to school to prepare her students for out state testing.  This teacher felt very bad Friday so her husband took her back to the hospital.  Sadly, she passed away Saturday.  She will be greatly missed by all in our profession.

After church on Sunday, we had our church picnic.  I needed this to just clear some thoughts going on and for me to stop questioning God.  Later that evening my husband received a phone call telling him his cousin was hit hit by a car while out riding his motorcycle.  Now this special cousin was my right hand while my husband was taking his chemo treatments.  We rushed to the hospital where later surgery was performed.  While this cousin was in surgery the weather turned very stormy and the sky was a light show.  Again, I kept saying, Tammy get the negative thoughts out of your head.  The cousin make it through surgery, no brain injuries-Thank God!!!  I know he will have a long road to recovery, but he is still alive and has a wonderful support system.

So the dark cloud that has stolen my weekend may now leave.  I know that every dark cloud has a silver lining and better days will come.  I woke with the sun shining brightly this morning.

Asking for prayers for all families with dark clouds.

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