Wednesday, June 15, 2011

First Day of Vacation

My first day of vacation started today.
Last week the temperature was in the mid to high 90's.  With a room full of 8th graders it was very hot in our classrooms; we have no AC on our part of the wing.  We managed to make it through; no choice in this matter.

Teachers had to work until yesterday, and today I started my VACATION!!!!

I woke up at 6:00--why?  I think our bodies become adjusted to our routine and no matter how we say we are going to sleep in; we can't.  At 7:15, I decided to give up and just get up.  I did enjoy my coffee and reading the newspaper without being rushed.
After relaxing for a few hours, I decided to do some exercising with my WII-Fit.  I mentally prepared myself and was all pumped up.  Oh No, the board wasn't working.  I kept trying to see what was wrong--Ding!! the batteries had gone bad.  Searching through every nook and corner trying to find batteries; I finally gave up and asked husband if we had any batteries.  We had batteries but not the right size.  Go figure-this is what usually happens, right?  I could have easily gone to the store, but didn't want to go without a shower and make-up, and if I take a shower and put on make-up why exercise.  A stroll around the block would be nice. Oh No--husband is mowing and I don't know what is going on but my allergies are killing me.  I have never had allergies; I can't even get my contacts in!!!!  So forget walking.

Um....what next.  Read--yeah, I need to finish my book. I love to read so no problem here. Then the phone rings--and you know some people you just can't get off the phone with.  When I finally got off the phone, husband is through cutting the grass and has already showered, and he says we need to go somewhere.  

Finally, I get back home.  I grab my reader and head to the front porch to read.  OMG-the temperature is dropping and it is raining!!!  I get cold, yep cold.  What happened it is 67 degrees!!!!!  So I come in and fix me another cup of coffee and begin to read.  Only this time my husband is on the computer searching for a vehicle.  Look at this one, look at this one, look here, what do you think of this one.  :( I put my reader away.
Next question?  What are we having for dinner?  Uh-Oh-forgot about that.  
My thoughts-empty plate!!!!!!  Since I am not known for my cooking expertise, no problem hub will think of something to have :)
I think I will grab my reader while he cooks :) :)
After dinner, I will put on sweats and a sweatshirt and go for a walk to ease my stressful day! LOL!!

I wonder what I will do tomorrow??????  
Have a nice day.

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