Sunday, November 30, 2014

Weekend Rewind.....

Where did November go??

Some things to remain the same and some changes this Thanksgiving.....

Cold start to my Thanksgiving with a little snow on the ground.  For the past 14 years my family has helped prepare and deliver food to those less fortunate or to the elderly who have no one coming on Thanksgiving.

My daughters also look forward to doing this-our family tradition. Just to see the look on the little ones' faces as most stand in his/her yard waiting on us so they can eat, or seeing a smile on an elderly person's face to have a visitor on Thanksgiving warms all our hearts.
Hub and I always deliver with a smile...

After the food has been delivered, we head back to church.
We enjoy a meal and great fellowship.  Much talk is centered on how blessed we are and how we take so much for granted. A tradition I hope my family continues for many, many years.  Absolutely love doing this every year.

After leaving church, we usually put up our Christmas tree and then I finish preparing our Thanksgiving dinner-most pre-ordered from Cracker Barrel-NOT this year.  Daughters had other plans.  I knew this day would be coming-and I know I need to share daughters with others but a hard change for me to get use to. So after leaving church, daughters with separate ways, hub watched football and took a nap and I began to read.  The quietness of the house was getting the best of me --I announced to hub I was going to Wal-Mart!!  Hub piped up and agreed to go.

Never in a million years did I dream of the experience I would see at Wal-Mart.  Now I have heard stories, but I thought of them more like stories fishermen tell.  Speaking from experience-the stories I had heard were true.  The place was packed with aisle to aisle people. I had one thought running through my mind-my daughters would think their mom was CRAZY!  Actually, I kinda enjoyed it-it wasn't quiet like my house was and I wasn't buying anything...just something to do.  Well, I did purchase a few things (paper and bows) and I stood in line for over and hour and a half just to check out.  Hub wasn't as thrilled as I was...I do believe he would have been much happier staying at home because he did tell me NEVER AGAIN!

I didn't shop on Black Friday.  I chose to tackle some household chores-laundry, cleaning, and I did put up the Christmas Tree.

Saturday was a different story.  The quietness had left and daughters were home plus both grandsons spend the day and night with us.  What became of a clean house....
was filled with toys..
football was a thing of the past-even though hub tried..
I was no longer feeling lost..
I had something to keep my occupied...

Woke up Sunday with these two..

I know some things cannot remain the same...and one day I will learn this.

P.S.  Know what tomorrow is....

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