Sunday, November 16, 2014

Weekend Rewind....

Weekend Rewind.....

We had a dance after school on Friday-our canned food drive dance.  Admission to the dance: 3 cans of food per person or $3.00.  Most of the students brought canned foods-YEAH!!  Our local food pantry is in great need of food.

Great sunny skies on Saturday.  It was kinda chilly-well down right COLD!!  Hub and I did a few errands.  Last stop was the grocery store, and hub says he wants to grill out-literally.  I said it is too cold for me and he replied not for him.  So we bought a few thing and went home.  Hub grilled out-in the cold with a flashlight.  After dinner, he said it was never too cold for him to grill out.

Rainy, chilly day Sunday. I kept telling hub it looked like snow clouds-I am looking on the bright side!  Hearing Christmas music on the radio had me in the Christmas mood.  I went looking at all the Christmas decorations out and truly enjoyed just browsing.

I have a big week ahead.  It is American Educational Week-and the SCA-Student Council Association-(I am sponsor of) tries to do 'little' things for our faculty/staff, bus drivers, and cafeteria ladies.  We have planned some nice surprises.  Lunch (country ham biscuits, barbecue sausage, breakfast casserole, fruit tray, cheese tray, cheese ball, and some other nice trimmings) will be provided for all faculty/staff on Wednesday.  Usually, we have a faculty/staff breakfast but most teachers were rushed -hard to eat breakfast with 30 kids in your classroom!  So we changed up this year to a lunch instead.  I think it will go over much better.

Since it is American Education Week, please thank a teacher, custodian, bus driver, cafeteria worker, or anyone else who takes care of your child.  No one knows how  so many of us go out of our way to provide for school kids.  A bed was delivered a couple of weeks ago to a student because he was sleeping on the couch and was so tired at school.  When asked why he was so tired, he explained he couldn't go to sleep because of the television.  With more questions-later was found out that this student did not have a bed and was sleeping on the couch.  He couldn't go to sleep with other family members watching television.  A bed (bunk bed) was delivered!  Another incident with others-involved a field trip. One of our school's custodians offered to pay for a student who couldn't afford to go. These are just a few incidents that has happened in the last couple of weeks, and I know there are many, may more stories just like these.... So, say a Thank-you this week to someone you know who is employed in a school system.

Have a great week and Stay Warm!

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