Monday, May 21, 2012

Another chapter,,,,,

Daughter #2 graduated Saturday....

Yeah!! says my checkbook....

But where does the time go.....

Only yesterday..we were celebrating her first steps, then off to
Kindergarden, Middle School, High School, loading her 'stuff'
into college dorms-yep flights of stairs, then moving
off campus and now....


A happy graduate!!

Make sure the hat is decorated, right?

Friday evening was the departmental awards.  So proud of daughter for receiving an award!!

On Sunday, we gave her a graduation party.

and had her basketball jersey framed for her-

Another chapter in her book has ended.

More chapters are waiting to be written.


  1. She is so pretty. Congratulations to her and a lifetime of happiness ahead.

  2. She looks like your twin in that first picture especially! Congrats to all!


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